Dart is a game where darts are thrown aiming at a dartboard which is hung on a wall. It is most popular in the UK. The dartboard is a circular board and has rings and numbers on it. The board has the bull’s eye right in the middle. Usually the dartboard is divided into 20 sections indicating the score from 1 to 20 points. Different games can be played using the standard dart board.

Players play with 3 darts and the highest possible score is 180. Usually the contest is between 2 players who throw the darts in turns. There are a number of variants of the standard dart board game. These games can be played individually or in teams. The teams can have two or more members.

There is a warm up before the game when players throw the darts nine times, the group that hits closest to the bull’s eye gets the first chance. Each player has to play all his three darts. The two most popular games are 301 and cricket. In 301 each team starts with 301 points and slowly reduces them through the game. This is a simple game but cricket is far more complex and exciting.

There are various kinds of dart boards made of different materials. The most common material today is made of cork, sisal or synthetic material. There are broadly two kinds of dart boards. Bristle dart boards and spiders are the two major types. In a bristle dart board a dart does not actually make a hole on the board it rests between the fibers. Hence such boards last longer. A quality bristle board is made to last long.

Electronic dartboards are a modern variant of the bristle board. The electronic boards can keep count o the score allowing players to pay whole hearted attention to the game. Many people choose electronic dart boards because they can practice against the computer and also because they offer different games.

Darts are made of wood or metal like Brass, Nickel-silver, Tungsten and the like. Some darts have steel tips that are retractable and retract whenever it touches the steel wire on the dart board which is also called the spider. The steel wire or spider forms the dividing line between different score areas. Some dartboard makers are trying to solve this problem by making the spiders inside the board in such a way that they are visible from outside. This solves the problem of darts bouncing off. A varied number of materials, each with its own uses and features are used to make dart boards and darts.

Source by Fiona Jones