Is there a chess enthusiast in your family? Or perhaps you want to teach your spouse or child about chess. There are many unique chess sets to choose from to make the game more interesting.

A unique chess set is the Civil War chess set. A perfect combination of opponents battling each other and a great gift for Civil War collector. The chess pieces are gorgeously hand painted.

There are many golf lover’s who would adore a pewter golf chess set. After a long day of walking on the golf course, relax with a game or two of chess on this unique chess board set.

A pirate chess set is the way to battle a good game of chess. Add a fun pirate chess set to your game collection for hours and hours of enjoyment.

Dogs and cats have always been seen as the dog chasing the cat and somewhat of enemies. Think of the comic strip Garfield. The cat is the sassy one who thinks the dog is a silly fool jumping all over the place, tongue hanging out, goofy look on his face, and tail wagging. Now the dogs and cats can duke it out per se in the game of chess. Dog and cat lover’s cat lover’s can confront each other and see who the true champion is.

Magnetic chess sets will help you keep your pieces in their place. Play on an airplane, in a van or anywhere that you normally wouldn’t be able to lug around a chess set. Magnetic chess sets are very handy to carry along with you.

A very unique chess set is the Phantom Force Electronic Chess Set. You can plot your moves against the phantom. The Phantom Force Electronic Chess Set moves its pieces across the board by itself. The Phantom Force Electronic Chess Set even speaks. Now that is modern technology. If you’d rather watch the Phantom you can as he will play alone against “himself. ” Learn how to play chess from the phantom.

The Talking Chess Trainer is quite unique. The trainer will help you learn how to play chess. Learn great tips and strategies. Once you are confident you can challenge your friends and family and win.

Source by Steven Barnhart