Most of digital currencies are ten times cheaper than fiat ones (such as Dollar, Euro,… ), in terms of transaction fees. Fees are lower than card and bank wire transactions; that’s true even for the most expensive digital currency!

This means that not only you can make significant savings from that system, but also transactions that were too expensive to make in the past are now feasible with affordable rates that fit in your budget.

Besides, with a mere fraction of the costs associated with bank and card payments, merchants using digital currencies can lower their costs of operation. And for those who process a high volume of transactions, the savings can be very important!

These savings can then be passed along to their clients afterward, in the form of lower prices for instance; thus helping them to gain a significant competitive advantage.

How is this possible:

The fact is that, among other benefits, e-currency transactions are instant and non-refundable. So the operating costs of the electronic currency system got greatly reduced by not having to handle payment disputes.

There are no more chargebacks from credit card companies; clearing of funds is instant and final at the time of sale. So the whole process is cheaper even for international transactions.

Indeed this is the most efficient and the most inexpensive way to make a business transaction nowadays.

As a result, the number of people dealing with digital currencies is now on the increase. That’s why, we offer these digital units to be bought online, at any time and worldwide.

Source by Melchi Razato