Claiming to generate an average success rate of 82%, Direct Signals for binary options is nowhere near 82% in-the-money. Having misled countless beginners out of their hard-earned money, Direct Signals has cheated many newbie investors out of most of their initial deposit ranging between $250 to $5,000. Throughout this review, we will eradicate all misleading aspects of the Direct Signals signal service scam along with enlighten you with safer and tested investment paths.

Fortunately for us, the scam marketers behind this scam spared us the agony that we typically endure on a day-to-day basis when reviewing online trading scams. No paid actors or elementary scripts are used at, which makes this scam a little bit more difficult to debunk. No information regarding company title, company address or founders associated with Direct Signals are ever revealed to us. In fact, there is not even an email contact form which can be a significant problem if the software starts performing inconsistently and you can’t stop the software.

Direct Signals Complaints and Feedback

Among the complaints that we received, the ones that stood out the most would be the ones where not only was most or all their entire trading accounts completely depleted but unauthorized overcharges were taking place as well. So not only were investors, which keep in mind have no prior investment experience with binary options, not only lose most if not all of their starting deposit but now unauthorized charges of a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars were then being conducted illegally. This is a common trap that we see among trading software that offer only unregulated brokers for their “assigned” or “recommended” brokers.

Make sure you do your best to avoid any binary option trading systems that are operating solely with offshore or unregulated brokers. Many of these brokers may appear legitimate and friendly to you at first but as soon as you signup with the system and deposit with their broker you should consider your hard-earned money gone. Not only are these brokers operating illegally without licensing but oftentimes they don’t acknowledge a traders request to withdrawal their trading funds. We have heard reports of these sort of instances with this signal service which is why we are urging all traders to avoid this binary options scam!

DirectSignals Results

How Does the Direct Signals Service Work?

Claiming to use profitable trading strategies such as the “Rsi, Bollinger, Fibonnacci and more,” it is evident that the scammers behind this system have no idea what they talking about. Asserting that strategies are simple technical indicators not only indicates a lack of first-hand investment knowledge but also that this software just operates solely off different technical indicators that may not be properly calibrated or synced with their assigned brokers. More often than not investors lose an average of 60% of their trades while using this signal service.

According to, their software is “perfect” for beginners and pro traders. They claim that investors who use their system will not only improve their trading skills, but likely generate a profit in the process. Seems like the perfect opportunity and to be honest, it sounds a bit too good to be true. Many investors are deceived with this concept, the phony average success rate of “82%” showcased along with user-customization options. Don’t fall for all the fake “positive” reviews regarding this phony signal service and make sure to avoid this scam unless you want the actual average achieved success rate of about 40%.

Direct Signals Results

Direct Signals Scam Confirmed

Our experience with the Direct Signals service was distasteful enough for us to without reasonable doubt blacklist them as a binary options signal service scam. Fortunately for us, we put a stop on our payment methods after the initial deposit of $250 so that we wouldn’t be at risk of losing more than our initial investment. Less than 4 hours was needed to completely deplete our trading account with the Direct Signals service scam. Learn from the mistakes of newbie traders above and our experience and avoid this money-making scheme!

Review Verdict: Direct Signals is a SCAM!

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