Scams, spam and fraud – we hear these words everywhere these days. While there are many cynics who will yell scam or fraud from the rooftops for any kind of online money-making opportunity, there are many genuine opportunities out there so there's no reason to let doubt get in your way when deciding the online business path you should take.

There are many legitimate ways to make your money online – a lot of people have successfully done so and continue to do so today. So taking a moment to do some basic research before you part with any money will usually allow you to spot the " too good to be true" situations that are invariably the basis of a scam.

The more informed you are about internet scams and hype, the more confident you will be when deciding on an online business. So let's bust some of those making money online myths!

Here are some of the more popular statements made by most of the internet frauds and the truth behind them:

Myth # 1 – "Make money overnight!"

These scams promise you a way of making money while you sleep. They make it sound like there is very little work involved to obtain this.

Truth – While it's certainly possible to achieve, it will take hard work and dedication to be able to make this claim. Most online businesses will take some time to get up and running, but if you get it right it will be worth your effort in the end. Often in an online business it will be the case of "do the work once – get paid again and again" which is a desirable and achievable goal!

Myth # 2 – "Turn your PC into a money making cash machine!"

Actually, there are a lot of statements that start off with this kind of sales pitch.

Truth – The statement itself could be true and in fact that is the hypothetical goal of any online business, but do be careful of a sales pitch that starts off this way. Most genuine business opportunities sell the business as well as the benefits. Scammers tend to gloss up the money making benefits with no mention of what the business is. Their pitch is basically along the lines of "give me your money and you'll make lots of money" without expanding on any of the details.

Myth # 3 – "Start your business absolutely free – No money involved!"

They push the fact that you will get a business from them with absolutely no money in start-up fees.

Truth – This type of scam will scream the "no money involved" statement, but then the scammers will turn around and ask you to pay them in order to setup this free business. Hmm … a slight contradiction! Of course there are always some costs to start up an online business: PC, printer, software, training materials, etc. but the great thing about an internet business is that the investment is significantly lower than a traditional "bricks and mortar" business.

Try not to confuse this scam with those genuine opportunities that offer to show you how to setup or run a particular type of business. Proper education / good training material is worth paying for as it generally helps you navigate unknown territory quicker and / or without making expensive mistakes that you could otherwise make without it.

Myth # 4 – "Drive Thousand of Visitors to Your Site With This Cheap Traffic Loophole"

Firstly even if it was possible, imagine you have a physical bricks and mortar business, would you really want a mob of completely uninterested visitors trampling through your promises because they were bussed there, possibly under false pretences – the same is true for an online business – they will do nothing for your business but cost you money.

Truth – Yes, there are places to get cheap traffic but these will be completely unqualified prospects for your business. Generally no matter how cheap the traffic, if there was actually no interest in what you have to offer then what's the point in paying to have them visit.

More importantly with regard to loopholes – be under no illusions. If it indeed did exist, by the time you are finding out about it, the loophole will have already exploited and closed. Those selling you the "secret" do so know that full well!

Myth # 5 – "Start Earning a Living from xxxxxx at Home"

This statement is similar to those little cards stuck to lampposts claiming that you can start a business from home with your typing or in some cases, data entry skills.

Truth – Yes, you can earn money typing or performing data entry or some other service from home, but not with those guys that are pushing for you to sign up with them. If you are going to go down that road you'd be better off offering these services to customers yourself and avoid paying the scammers for the information on how to do it.

You can find out how to do it with your own research for FREE! However, your potential potential is still limited with this type of opportunity to the amount of time you can spend doing it and really with the right online business, such as an information publishing business, you should be able to move away from model.

There are many more myths and scams out there, but these will give you some ideas on how the fraudsters work and who they like to prey upon. Be aware of your options and do not be afraid to research any opportunity you do not feel comfortable with.

And remember … " if it's too good to be true then it probably is!"

Source by Paul E Russell