Do not Give In To Distractions

Now, there will always be small distractions at home – kids, phone calls, the TV, being able to go out and enjoy the weather, etc. I'm not talking about these small distractions, though you do have to learn to manage them.

I'm talking about larger distractions, the ones that will prevent you from ever making any progress with your business. I'm talking about all the 'opportunities' that keep presenting themselves to us.

Whether it's a 'Make Money From Home' ad online, or in the paper, or in your inbox to the hottest new MLM company to the current ground floor opportunity that you'd be a fool for not getting in right now!

See, there are always going to be opportunities. One misconception that we grow up believe is that 'opportunities only come once in a lifetime'. That's nonsense. Every new day presents us with abundance in opportunity. Even if that was not true, we as conscious befits can CREATE opportunities anytime we want.

That being said, one of the largest, SIMPLEST 'secrets' to working from home or the beach or wherever you like to run your business is to stay focused on one thing until it's fully automated and does not need you. Then move on to the next new thing.

If you were to go after every hot opportunity – no matter how promising or ground floor or guaranteed it is – you've never get anywhere. You've been spending all your time starting new businesses, jumping from one to the next, and you've never build any momentum in one area.

The best thing you can do for yourself is spend some time writing out the purpose of your business. If you want to get deeper, spend time learning about yourself and your own purpose in this life. Once you have those, anything that comes along that is not in harmony with your purpose – that does not help advance your purpose – you can easily put it to the side. Without knowing why we're doing something, or where we are trying to get to, anything can distract us.

But if you're marketing a health product or telecommunications – and you know that your goal is to reach X amount of dollars in sales for example, then anything that comes along before then is irrelevant. After your goal is reached, you can look at other things.

Does this make sense? If not, read it over. If your goal is to drive across country in six days, you know what your end goals is – to get to the coast. If you were to keep getting off at every exit to check out what's over there, you would never make it.

As always, dedication, consistency, focus, and keeping it simple will lead you to your goal.

To your success.

Source by Adel Refai