If you've been surfing the web trying to find an online forex trading platform, the choices seem endless. Let me save you some time. Do not spend any money on them. There are plenty of free trading platforms. I know, I know. These systems are provided to have the top of the line indicators, that basically do all the work for you. The majority of all these indicators that they are waving in front of you are lagging. Its the same concept as stochastics or and RSI indicator. It's telling you what has already happened. It offers nothing as far as future forecasts.

These expensive online forex trading platforms may give you all the bells and whistles, but using them will never allow you to learn the most important part of forex trading: price action.

Price action is the oldest form of technical analysis. It; s simple and it's honest. It just requires a little more work than just staring at an indicator waiting for it to cross lines, go above or below a certain number, or some other random instruction.

The most successful traders (on any market) are always the ones that can understand what the underlying reason for the price to go up, down, or stay in the same area. It has nothing to do with trading platforms. The same thing can be seen on a free platform like Metatrader as the incredibly expensive eSignal charts. As long as your data feed is reliable, that's all that matters.

Remember, it's not what's on the charts that's important, it's how you interpreted it.

Source by Jim Buhs