As I look back over my successes – and my learning experiences that some call failure – I see one common denominator. I have always had an indescribable passion to help people get past whatever holds them back, and to see them tap into their own passions and achieve all they were created to achieve. I've built companies doing this, hired and trained phenomenal people doing this, and I believe, empowered some who were not in business at all to go for their dreams … even to lose weight. Well, as I look back over this weekend, I see the same things again.

I've just returned from a magnificent time in Toronto where I shared with some of the most gracious and wonderful people I've ever had the pleasure of speaking before. While I was there, I spoke on 4 different subjects, a total of 5 times. But do you know what? Every single subject was about helping people tap into their passion and / or what what's been holding them back!

My topics were: The Victory Principle , Make Money While You Sleep , Profitable Weight Loss in Your Business and Turn the Most Difficult People into the Most Productive . The sleeping money session (are not those just absolutely BEAUTIFUL words ?!) was my last one and as I looked over the questions people had handed in me all my sessions, it happened to me that you may have some of these very same questions . So, I've decided to share the answers with you in a series of 4 articles.

The main questions I got from The Victory Principle were about finding balance in life, uncovering what one's goals really are, and revealing one's gifts. We'll talk about that today. During Make Money While You Sleep the questions were numerous and asked about things regarding how to get publicity, create a mastermind group and more. Know this: Whoever you are, whatever you do for a living, even stay-at-home moms, there is money to be made in your sleep. Next week I'll cover that. The week after, I'll review the questions about Your Marketing Mind and Profitable Weight Loss . If you're a member reading this, please realize that finding a career you're passionate about could be the internal motivator you need in order to lose your weight and keep it off permanently. Lastly, I'll cover the questions I received on Turn the Most Difficult People Into the Most Productive.

Today, let's begin with the stuff in life that matters most – Balance, passion, etc. There were three main questions from the Victory Principle , which appear below in red. The answers are in blue.

1. How do I achieve work and life balance and my passion? Sometimes we do not feel balance because we want to be doing something other than what we're doing. Find the tie-in between what you "need" to do and what you "want" to do. When I discovered that my passion for helping people achieve their goals in life perfectly blended with my weight-loss company, I suddenly felt a lot happier. In the past, any time I could, I got my kids involved in helping with the business, doing anything I could have them do in order to be with them, teach them business and keep them included.

Go into the day doing a time study. Look at your list of things to do and determine how long (honestly) it will take to do these tasks. The first time I did this, I discovered I had about 36 hours of work planned for one 10-hour day. YIKES!

Find a great priority setting system. You need to know what's really important so you can focus your energy in that direction. Think on the things you want rather than the things you do not want. We become what we think about, including being people with balanced lives.

Be "healthy selfish." Take time to recharge your battery. Do the things you love is cruel to your health! Remember, balance looks different for different people. To one person it means being off work at night to attend to family needs. To another it means being able to randomly leave for 4-7 days whenever you want. To yet another, it means working hours next to the normal 9-5, so you can do what needs to be done personally through the day.

Remember – Quality at work and quantity at home. This means that professionally, 90% of your time should be spent on activities that make money. Delegate the other things out. You need to be producing when you're at your business. Personally, do not miss the moments that matter; be there for the special events. The work will wait, life will not. Make memories! Walk around the block back, eat lunch sitting in the trunk of the car, have an "ice skating" party on the kitchen floor using shaving cream. Rituals create tradition. Have bedtime stories and annual holiday celebrations. My kids awoke to toilet-papered bedrooms each year on their birthdays.

Family traditions keep families close. Children learn what they live, so be in front of them who you hope they will become. And remember, families that pray together, and play together, stay together.

2. The balance of family and business seems so difficult. Is that when you started to build a team?

Absolutely, people love to work with people who value personal time. Value yours and value them.

3. I am 36 years old with two small children. I'm struggling with building my own personal training business and need help with balance. What advice do you give?

Everything I listed above and a very specific goal setting system. You're a busy gal. It's important to know where you want to end up so you can you're your plan is heading you in that direction.

OK gang, those are my thought on balance. From my own life experience I can tell you that when these ideas, along with the ones you'll create spurred from these, life will become more and more centered on the stuff in life that matters.

Source by Donna Krech