Do you use a blogging software to help maintain all your blogs? Most bloggers would have many blogs to maintain and therefore looking for softwares that can help to ease their blogging and blog management. If you are a professional blogger, you would have noticed that there are hundreds of blogging softwares in the market and the problem is that it’s hard to tell which works well. However, you can always quick search to find out what other users have to say about a particular blogging software that you are interested in.

To save you some time, I will tell you about the most powerful blogging software in the market, according to the latest buzz. It is named Firepow 2, created by Andrew Hansen to help blogger to manage all their blogs in one place and by just using one login account. Firepow 2 is integrated with the WordPress platform so you don’t have to login to different blog accounts to update your blog plugins or create posts and pages.

Firepow 2 is indeed a blogging software that works. The improved features from version 1 with automatic content submissions and Social bookmarking functionallity makes it a monster tool for niche bloggers. You don’t need to install the software because it is browser operated so you just need to go online and login at the member’s login page. You will then redirected to your main page so you can navigate around whether you want to post new articles or make changes. Additionally, you can even promote your blogs from within Firepow 2 itself.

However, while Firepow is genuine, there are some other blogging softwares that are scams all in the name to gain quick profits rather than providing long lasting services for the customers. Go for the proven working ones and you’llIt is always best to make a background check on the blog posting softwares you are interested in to avoid being at the losing end. Always go for a proven blogging software with users that actually get results.

Source by Patrik Gisselsson