If you want to make money on the internet you must be willing to commit to the customer. Remember, it is the customer that has a say in whether or not they buy anything from your site or visit it all together. By making the customer feel appreciated and supplying heavy customer service, you will be on the right track to make money on the internet.

The first part to strong customer service is building the relationship. You want to let the customer know you are there for them and willing to handle any and all of their needs. Offer your email so they have a way to contact you if they have any questions regarding your website, the product, or anything else. By showing you care, the customer will feel appreciated.

To build a relationship and provide quality customer service, you have to view the customer as a person. Too often people handle their customers as just another consumer. The problem with this is the consumer feels like just another customer mixed up in the crowd. Even if it is going out of your way to make ONE personalized email the customer will see that you took time out of your day for them.

Once you get into the business aspect of the relationship, customer service becomes crucial if you want to make money on the internet. It is vital that for EVERY sale you follow-up with the customer. This allows you to not only thank them, but also to maybe throw in some advertisements for other products you sell. This way you are taking time out of your day to acknowledge them as a person and benefiting yourself at the same time with free advertising.

Another way to make money on the internet through customer service is by throwing in free add-ons. It could be bumper stickers, a t-shirt, or anything related to your business. This adds to your company appeal and will make it a more pleasant experience, which will increase the odds of a customer return rate.

Everyone knows that incentives are intriguing and appealing to customers and workers. If you can offer incentives to customers, you have the ability to make money on the internet as well. For instance, tell a customer that is purchasing an item that if they can refer 4 other customers, they will receive a full rebate for their purchase price. This will allow them to get a product free while getting you three more customers.

When it comes to making money on the internet, customer service is crucial. Since you typically do not have the face-to-face contact when offering your products, you want to show the customer that you care about them. By taking the time to build relationships or follow-up with the customer, they will notice and appreciate the customer service. It is the extra work behind the scenes that will help you make money on the internet.

Source by Shon Christopher