Stocks discussed on the in-depth session of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money TV Program, Thursday, April 27.

As oil prices fell on Thursday, it could impact the investing pattern going forward. “Oil is what we call a false tell. It’s signaling the wrong thing,” said Cramer. The reason oil is going down is due to oversupply in the US and not weakness in demand. “They don’t stop for a moment to analyze why oil is falling, they just say, ‘demand must be weak, sell stock, buy bonds.’ They don’t care about the reason, they just see oil as an indicator of economic health,” he added.

The other domino effect comes from interest rates. “When interest rates go down they knock over two more dominoes: a decline in the financial stocks and a collapse in the industrial stocks,” the Mad Money host noted. The financial stocks go down as money managers think the economy is not good enough for more rate hikes. The industrial stocks are hit because they assume falling rates means struggling businesses.

“Why do I find this whole oil train of thought completely absurd? Because, if anything, the world’s economies are growing faster than we thought,” Cramer said. Hence, money managers are moving in healthcare stocks that don’t require economic growth and other fast-growing tech companies.

In reality, the market is not about the Trump’s tax plan or the Fed. The US businesses are good enough to grow on their own. Cramer thinks Congress may take time despite what they say. “Now, I expect when oil bottoms, and I think it will shortly, as today was a big capitulation day; the hedge funds will reverse a bit and will go and buy back the old industrials and the banks and maybe let up on the fast-growth tech and healthcare. But the bottom line here is that neither the falling dominoes nor Washington’s insanity could stop the stocks of the best of the best in tech and healthcare that reported today,” he concluded.

CEO interview – ServiceNow (NYSE:NOW)

ServiceNow is a provider of enterprise cloud computing solutions, and it offers customer and facilities service management. The company reported strong earnings, which led to the stock rallying and hitting an all-time high. Cramer interviewed newly appointed president and CEO John Donahoe to learn more about the quarter.

Donahoe said cloud computing is transforming lives, but it’s still in early stages in the enterprise. ServiceNow’s customers are starting to use their products more throughout the organization. “Not only are we delivering an information technology, which has been our historical sweet spot, but increasingly, they’re pulling our platform into other areas that cut across the enterprise,” he added.

ServiceNow offers products in other areas that include security, customer support and information technology service management. Its goal is to automate and streamline complex services for companies, which not only saves money for them but also enables employees to focus on higher-value activities.

“I was able to onboard in less than half a day, all through self-service, and that’s the kind of way ServiceNow is being pulled into some of these experiences that cut across multiple departments of a company,” said Donahoe talking about his own experience at ServiceNow.

CEO interview – Domino’s Pizza (NYSE:DPZ)

Domino’s beat earnings estimates yet again, and this stock has been Cramer’s long-time recommendation. He interviewed CEO Patrick Doyle to know his take on Trump’s tax plan and more about the quarter.

Doyle said the business is successful due to the franchises. More than 90% of them started as drivers and worked their way up to be store owners. “As sales have been growing, that’s been enabling more stores to be viable, maybe in smaller areas than we might’ve been, in or smaller towns than we were in before, so that number keeps kind of going up,” he added.

Domino’s is using technology for customer benefits. The company is testing a GPS tracking service that will allow customers to know how far their delivery is. “It’s giving the customer information, but it is also potentially a way to be a little more efficient with how we’re using the drivers, with the speed of delivery, and making sure that they’re going where they should be when we want them to,” Doyle explained.

He gave his view on Trump’s tax plan, which is about a slash in corporate tax rates. “Ultimately, that means that you’re going to be generating a better return, that means your cost of capital goes down, that means you can make more investments in the business, so it’s a positive overall,” Doyle opined.

The company has 5,400 stores in the US, and it has room for 1,000 more. Its international growth is good too. “And, you know, I think people forget the population in the U.S. continues to grow a little under 1% a year, so you’re going to get some of that growth as well,” the CEO said.

CEO interview – American Electric Power (NYSE:AEP)

American Electric Power posted decent earnings, and its stock is near a 52-week high. Cramer interviewed Chairman, President and CEO Nick Akins to find out what lies ahead.

Akins said the energy sector is not as bad as it appears to many on the Street. It is just evolving. “You’re seeing a massive shift to a more balanced energy portfolio, so you’re going to see natural gas continue to pick up because it’s less carbon than coal, about half the emissions of carbon from coal, and then, as well, moving to renewables and other types of applications on the grid,” he added.

Economic activity is rising, and Akins sees strength in oil and gas, mining, autos and even in primary metals. Texas, in particular, is innovating. He also said that though Trump is pro-fossil fuel, the company makes decisions based on the long term. It’s better to make investments in natural gas and renewable energy to balance AEP’s generation portfolio while reducing carbon emissions.

Transmission is an area of investment for AEP. “Transmission is a key optimizer, so you’re going to see all those resources continue to branch out, and it’ll reduce carbon emissions significantly,” said Akins. The company plans to invest $17.3 billion over the next three years to boost efficiency.

Viewer calls taken by Cramer

Molson Coors Company (NYSE:TAP): Cramer suggested buying some before the earnings and some after.

Huntsman Corp. (NYSE:HUN): It’s a good company but a commodity producer. Cramer is rooting for the Dow (NYSE:DOW)-DuPont (NYSE:DD) deal.

NextEra Energy (NYSE:NEE): It’s not a sell. Hold the stock.

Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB): Add to the position, as European banks have started doing well.


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