Read this Dorado ICO Review for impartial information about the new drone delivery system that will replace Uber in the sky.

How would you like to receive your food or your documents by a drone?

The Dorado ICO (The Golden ICO) is proposing a new decentralized system whereby deliveries will be made by drones. Currently, food delivery is done by several centralized systems such as Uber Eat and other such companies.  This multi-billion industry currently touches the 215 Billion dollars and is fraught with problems. Documents are delivered by companies such as DHL, UPS etc., Again this is a billion-dollar business.

The economy for delivering food, documents, packages and other goods is growing.  It is not just growing, it is exploding exponentially. However, this industry is adding to traffic congestion, bad timing, and it is expensive.

The Dorado ICO is offering a very interesting solution.  Delivery by drones.  Dorado is proposing a decentralized shipping system that is a solution for getting your goods on time and at a fraction of the expense as it cuts out the middleman.  The economy can continue to grow and the workload on the traffic will be lightened up.

What is Dorado? Will the Dorado ICO be the solution to shipping problems?

Dorado is planning to disrupt the delivery market.  With the use of their technology and expertise, they are prepared to offer the world a revolution in the way in which we can order online.  The service which they will be offering will make life much easier for everyone all around.  The system is conducive to our very modern lifestyles.  The speed by which we can order for goods and services through Apps today is extremely fast.  The logistics are much slower. This is the reality that we are living in. However, it is possible that with the solution which Dorado is offering that we may have the delivery speed matching the order speed.

Technical Analysis for the Dorado ICO

  1. The Platform and Mobile App

With over 1000 stores already listed on the Dorado platform, you will be able to search for services in your area. The service is complete.  Not only will your order be expedited fast but you will have it delivered at the tap of a button.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Your preferences are stored and analysed by the Dorado ICO AI chatbot. This means that the filters applied to your search are going to give you faster and more accurate results.  Your browsing history is stored to your advantage.  The suggestions that you will be offered will be more appropriate to your styles and preferences.

Dorado ICO

3. P2P Logistics

The technology and the large data already amassed by the experts offering the Dorado ICO allows for the end users to be connected with local couriers which are taking the form of drones and robots.

What are the Benefits for Dorado ICO Token Holders?

  • Innovation: By their own choice of words the DOR tech developers are replacing human couriers currently serviced by “Uber” and replacing it with a network Drones, Robots and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Quarterly Payout Bonuses – Dorado ICO Token holders can expect to receive 7% of net sales. Therefore, not only will you be able as a token holder to use the services offered by the platform but you will participate in an ecosystem of bonuses.
  • A Business Model with a Proven Track Record. Dorado is part of the Foodout Group.  This already a very successful business model of food deliveries.
  • A Specialised and Experienced Team backing the ICO. There is no job better done than when left to the experts.  The team for the Dorado ICO cannot be rivalled or faulted.
  • Commitment and Long-Term Plans. The team are fully committed to the long-term plans for Dorado.  They have locked the team tokens for a period of three years.  Whilst Crowdsdale tokens will be open for buying and selling, the Team Tokens are locked.  This is a commitment to become the leader in decentralized delivery.
  • Plans for the Future: The team have already set out a roadmap whereby they will launch in 24 markets within the next five years.

Dorado ICO

Is Dorado ICO a Viral Crypto?

The token name for the Dorado ICO is called DOR.  It is a security type token which automatically means that it will be under close scrutiny of regulatory bodies.  Below are some salient points that you will need to know :

  • The Token Standard is ERC-20
  • The DOR Price is 1 DOR to 0.000150 ETH
  • You can purchase DOR with ETC, BTC, LTC and even USD
  • The Soft Cap is 3450 ETH
  • The Hard Cap is 76,500
  • Commencement Date is 07.02.2018
  • ICO End Date is 16.05.2018
  • Maximum Token Supply 510,000,000
  • Visit Their Website and See The White Paper: DORADO ICO

Dorado ICO

The Dorado ICO Review Conclusion

The popularity of the Dorado ICO is evident from the large amounts of DORs already sold.  The vision for the Dorado is the future.  The team is technologically very qualified and is adopting both blockchain technology as well as Artificial Intelligence.  The scope is to create a system whereby orders and deliveries are made at the touch of a button with the speed of lightning.

In our opinion, Dorado is innovative, disruptive and looks forward to a bright future.  Therefore, if the team follows through with their roadmap, Dorado could be a very successful ICO and an evolving project for the future.

Disclaimer: Our opinion should not be construed as investment advice.  This Dorado ICO Review has been prepared for educational and information purposes only.  Thus, if you are looking at this ICO for investment purposes, we strongly recommend that you do your own research and at your own risk



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