Are you buying DORs through the Dorado ICO? Read this Dorado Update and get the best information on the Dorado Tokens. Is Dorado ICO legitimate or is Dorado ICO a scam? Find out whether by buying the DOR Tokens you will be participating in the best ICO for 2018!

In case you missed out the details on our Dorado ICO Review and wish to have more information about the Flying Uber you should read this full and impartial Dorado ICO update. Dorado tokens are running out fast. The few weeks left to the closing date should be used to collect as much information as possible. Moreover, there are only 6 days and few hours left within which time you can claim your 17% bonus.

Dorado is disrupting a $215 Billion on-demand Delivery Industry

Did you know that, one of the world’s hugest retailers, carries no inventory?

How about Uber? Are you aware that the largest taxi company owns no vehicles?

And last but not least Airbnb, one of the top accommodation provider, owns no real estate!

In this Dorado ICO update, we are going to see how the Dorado business plan is to become the fastest growing on-demand delivery service company without owning its fleet!

The developers of the Dorado ICO have a proven track record. In the past 3 years, this delivery company has grown by 6227%.  Their innovative idea is to go well beyond food delivery.  They are planning to go global and deliver anything a client may want through their HyperLocal logistics platform.

The Dorado update explains how the tech developers are planning to use Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to connect couriers with online customers.

Dorado Update

About Dorado – The Dorado Update

Dorado plans to revolutionize the manner in which goods – and not just food is moved around cities.  This will be done by drones, robots, and artificial intelligence Bots.  Dorado plans to deliver anything online from any store or restaurant right to your doorstep.

The developers of this innovative ICO are not new to the delivery business.  They started out as The Foodout Group – a highly successful food delivery business.  In a Dorado update, the developers discuss how they are constantly striving to re-invent the manner in which to excel in the ordering experience.

Using our own research, big data and proprietary expertise, Dorado is developing tools that will change the way we choose, order and deliver goods.  Modern lifestyles demand a more tightly integrated service through Apps and Messenger at lightning-fast speed

This is how Jonas Karosas, the co-founder explains their innovation in the Dorado Update. He continues to explain how first-tier institutional investors have believed in their vision and invested more than $4 million in order to provide a system that makes delivery goods as easy and fast experience.

Dorado Update – Information About the Upcoming ICO

Token Name: DOR

Cost: 1 ETH = 6667 DOR

Platform: Ethereum


Soft Cap: 3 Million Dollars

Hard Cap: 76,500 ETH

Country: Switzerland based token

Find out more about the Dorado WhitePaper 

The Dorado Business Model and Commission Fee


The food delivery business is a multi-billion dollar business that the developers for the Dorado ICO are already involved in very successfully.  Dorado’s business model combines a commission system per transaction fee and also extends a service providing platform for listings.

The platform will be charging between 20 to 30% commissions to the business that will be affecting the deliveries. Therefore if you order a courier service for food through the Dorado platform with a particular restaurant for $100, you will have your food delivered at the agreed rate of $100, however, the restaurant will receive $80.  Therefore, it is the business that is providing the food that will pay for the listing service.

Moreover, a delivery fee of between $2 and $5 will be paid by the receiving client.  Such fees as you can imagine are well below the norm.  This is meant to encourage clients to order and to generate a source of income for the platform.

Dorado Update – What is Dorado resolving and disrupting?

Some of the current problems that ordering customers are facing are mostly related to frustrating phone calls and messed up orders.  Moreover, tracking is usually poor if available at all. To date, pharmacies, food groceries, and other stores are not really equipped to offer a delivery service.  Your waiting time to get a delivery could be very long.  But most of all it is usually very complicated to make an order and organize a delivery.

Dorado is planning to offer efficient solutions by giving an affecting delivery system that includes tracking and a simple ordering system.  Furthermore, the range of businesses and stores that will be listed will be very and comprehensive.

Dorado has a good business plan also for businesses because it will have a wide client base and will allow for more sales at an affordable cost. Moreover, with the use of its AI system, it will be able to offer very important customer behavior data to its clients.

Dorado Update and Conclusion – Why Participate?

The team backing the Dorado ICO is very experienced and has an excellent track record. This is by far the trust element that anyone looking at investing in an ICO should consider.  Moreover, the Team Tokens will be blocked for three years – which is the evident commitment on their end to make Dorado the most successful global delivery service.

The Foodout Group which was the inception of the Dorado ICO has had a huge success and it is now time for the Company to move forward and use its expertise, technologies, and experience in innovation.

We believe that given the business model with its already proven track record, that the Dorado ICO will have financial success.

Dorado Update

Disclaimer: Our opinion should not be construed as investment advice.  This Dorado ICO Review has been prepared for educational and information purposes only.  Thus, if you are looking at this ICO for investment purposes, we strongly recommend that you do your own research and at your own risk






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