Dream System software is a very viral piece of BO trading technology. It has made quite an impact on the market, but not in a good way. People everywhere have been complaining that this system is not all that it is cracked up to be. Not only does this horrible trading application not live up to its name, but it actually does intentionally go out of its way to rob you of all of your assets. Make no mistake about it. Dream Profits software is undoubtedly a scam and we are going to prove it right now.

How Does Dream System Scam Software Work?

The Dream System app is definitely a very mysterious piece of computer engineering. What we really don’t like is that these crooks claim that their program is the most revolutionary pieces of trading software known to mankind. The go on with some long winded rant about how it uses sophisticated methods and high powered algorithms in order to make the best trades before anyone else gets the chance to do so.

While at first glance this explanation may sound good and seem reasonable, it is anything but. In reality, the info provided to us is totally convoluted, unrealistic, and consists of nothing but binary options rhetoric. In essence, there is no real explanation given as to how Dream System trading software actually functions to generate cash. Never invest any money with any kind of trading platform when you don’t know how it really works!

Dream System – Matt “Faker”

We are told that the man behind this master plan is named Matthew Warner. Yeah, we do see some guy in a presentation video who claims to have this name, but that is about it. After a whole lot of research and digging around, it became apparent that he is just an empty shell. Mr. Warner has nothing to do with binary options, he is not related to Dream System, nor does he even really know how to read. This man is just a paid actor hired to read a script. Never trust any kind of binary options or Forex trading program when you know that the man being portrayed as the leader is an obvious phony.

Dream System Trading App – Unrealistic Profits

Perhaps the biggest and clearest indication that a scam is a foot is related to the promise of ridiculous profits. The scammers in the presentation video promise that Dream System software can generate over $5,000 per day, and all without any risk of losing your investment. This is completely ludicrous and we honestly don’t know why these clowns would try to sneak such an obvious lie right past us. The reality is that there is not a single BO or Forex trading program in the world that can make that kind of cash. Usually, the top limit for any trading service is around $800 or $900 daily at the very most.

Moreover, the claim of being able to eliminate all risk from the equation is equally as fraudulent. The bottom line is that risk is an inherent factor in the market. There is always a chance of losing your money. Yet, for some reason, the crooks running the show here think that we are thickheaded numbskulls. Trading system simply can’t achieve a better ITM rate, or the percentage of trades won, than somewhere around 88%. It just can’t happen. There is no piece of software in the world that can do what the anonymous criminals behind Dream System software claim it can accomplish.

Dream Profits Trading System – Fraudulent Brokers

Another big red flag that came to our attention has to do with the brokers you are expected to sign up with. The Dream System trading app wants the user to sign up with a broker of their choosing upon signing up for the trading platform. Well, we never get to choose the broker, nor do we even get to find out who the broker is before signing up. Of course, we did some snooping around and our discovery is very dangerous no doubt.

We realized that all of the brokers used by Dream System scam software are just as fraudulent as the system itself. None of the brokers used by this shady program are licensed or registered. These criminals reside in areas of the world which make it very tough for your to take any legal action. The Dream System brokers literally have the power to empty your trading account of all funds and there is nothing that you will be able to do about it.

Dream Profits Trading System – Some Really Shifty Marketing

Yet another obvious sign that this whole system is nothing more than bad joke is the attempt at marketing tricks. Dream Profits scam software uses a great many scammer marketing tools to try and fool users into investing any amount of money. First off the scam artist in the presentation video claims that we will receive over $4,000 just for completing a free 3 minute survey. There is no way that this is true and we have yet to encounter a single individual that has received this money. When it comes to this ridiculous promise, the old adage holds true, nothing is free, and that includes the $4,000 promised by these guys.

Another cheap marketing ploy that we immediately recognized was the whole 15 spots available trick. The reality is that there are not 15 spots available. The counter on the website which displays the number of spots available never moves down from 15. Trust us when we say that there are an unlimited number of spots to sign up with Dream Profits software. This is just a way to rush people into making a decision and signing up without thinking of the real and possible consequences. Everything you see in relation to this crooked trading system is just a big lie.

Dream System Review – Conclusion

The only viable verdict that we can come to here is that Dream Profits software is a total scam, a rip off, a way to steal your money. This is a crooked and dangerously fraudulent trading system that you need to stay away from at all costs.

Review Verdict: Dream System is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website:  www.dreamsystem.co

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