Finding the best things to sell on eBay is the issue of the hour. It’s widely known that there is a bunch of cash to be made on this site, but naturally you’ve got to sell the right products.

Selling the wrong items might be the single worst mistake most beginners make. The only way to do this is to get your products through drop shippers and wholesalers.

I recommend you find a catalogue of drop shippers and wholesalers and get as many product catalogues from them as you can.

This is crucial because when you have the catalogue in your hands you know you can sell them. There’s no use doing market research on a product you can’t even sell in the 1st place.

Sounds plain but many sellers spend all types of time doing market research on a product, but once they find the best things to sell on eBay they realize that they can’t find any wholesalers to supply them. This tip will save everyone a ton of time in needless market research.

Just get as many product catalogs as you can and don’t worry about whether you’ve got any interest in the products or not. Another blunder eBay sellers make is selling a product they’re passionate about without checking to work out if there is a market for it.

They just say that since they’re keen on it than others will as well. That brings us to the most significant factor in your success.

How does one go about this? Once you have a catalogue of potential products ( from the product catalogs ) you can then identify if it’d be a viable thing to sell on eBay. To tell this, look at the latterly closed auctions for that product.

The higher the percentage of them that sold the better. If the product has a 5% success rate then you know it isn’t a hot item.

However, if you see that 50% of the product has sold then this may be a winner. Also pay attention to the number of auctions that sold ; if 1 of 2 auctions sold, this is a great p.c. but there still isn’t much cash making potential there.

Also you wish to check the price the products were sold at and make sure that it’s higher than what you can get them for. There are masses of research tools out there to help you see this information and most of them are quite cheap and this is how to find the best things to sell on eBay.

Source by Bill Siplayer