Dubai Lifestyle App, hosted at, has most recently been tested and proven as a scam.  Created on July 6th, 2016, is not a new scam but rather an outdated scam that has resurfaced in the realm of binary options.  Ruthless and deceptive, the Dubai Lifestyle App has scammed hundreds of newbie online day-traders out of their hard-earned money.  Phony review articles endorsing the “legitimacy” of Dubai Lifestyle App are not only manipulative but mostly fabricated!  Average reported success rates with Dubai Lifestyle App has been recorded at 53%.  Learn all the deceptive elements and hidden truths associated with the Dubai Lifestyle App.

Dubai Lifestyle App shares all the notorious characteristics of a binary options trading scam.  Incorporating phony pressure widgets to encourage visitors on the site into hurrying up and signing up before “time runs out.”  Funny thing is though, all of those widgets work the same… all you have to do is refresh your page and the widget will start back at the originating number.  Therefore, you never have to worry about time running out before you can get scammed by this ridiculous software!

Scott Hathaway, the alleged founder behind Dubai Lifestyle App, is nothing more than a stock image.  As you will learn more about this scam below, many of the characteristics you will notice don’t add up while most are completely fabricated.  All of the “testimonials” are phony and we can assure you their claims are ill-founded and fictitious!  The promotional video is pretty luring making it quite deceptive and dangerous for newbie online day-traders.  Which means that people trying to make money online from home should be careful and avoid the Dubai Lifestyle App scam.

Dubai Lifestyle App Breakdown

The framework and marketing pitch presented to us at is nothing we haven’t seen before.  The sleek and elaborate looking website, followed with an interactive promotional video and good looking stock images makes Dubai Lifestyle App appear trustworthy and legitimate.  However, as many of you know by experience, sometimes things aren’t always what they appear.  In the case of the Dubai Lifestyle auto trader that is certainly the predicament we are presented with at hand.

Become one of the “lucky” beta-testers for Dubai Lifestyle App by visiting  Claiming that they are only a maximum of 100 beta-testers and only under 20 “available” spots left, traders are forced to hurry up and rush their deposit.

Claiming that traders get “free access” to the Dubai Lifestyle by providing their name and email and clicking on “Get Free Access” is a rather misleading lie.  By falling victim to this simple registration process you now have provided Dubai Lifestyle with your personal information where you will be redirected to deposit a minimum of $250 in order to gain access to the Dubai Lifestyle trading software.

Now that you are starting to realize that you were mislead, you can’t help but notice the amount of spam emails you are receiving along with harassing calls from oversea numbers.  By providing your name and email address you essentially sold your personal information off to the highest bidder.

Whenever you receive an email with anything related to Dubai Lifestyle App we encourage you to unsubscribe and mark the email as spam.  The last thing you want is a computer virus by clicking on the wrong thing or losing a minimum of $250 to this scam.

Man Behind Dubai Lifestyle App Scam

The mastermind behind the Dubai Lifestyle App is known as Scott Hathaway.  Scott Hathaway is an investor who is also the founder and CEO of the Dubai Lifestyle auto trading system.  However, after further investigation and as you will see shortly below “Scott Hathaway” does not exist!  Instead is he a paid actor from an online marketplace along with a purchased stock image from the Internet.  So essentially when you are signing up with Dubai Lifestyle App you are signing up with a scam that was created by person who doesn’t exist!  Kind of scary to think about right?

Dubai Lifestyle App is a SCAM, Why?  Review Our Evidence

Dubai Lifestyle is Limited Time Only and makes $7,000 per day

Dubai Lifestyle App may best be described as a get-rich-quick scheme.  Asserting outlandish income gains of atleast $7,000 per day by allowing traders to maximize their profits while performing minimum work is exactly what the scammers behind this system want you to believe. Claiming to be around for only a limited time in the format of a beta-tester pool where there are only 10 to 20 available spots left you are rushed into your sign up.  Don’t become a statistic!  If you need to trust your gut and always go the extra mile when conducting your research.

Scott Hathaway is fake and all beta testers are paid actors

Scott Hathaway, the so-called creator of Dubai Lifestyle App, does not exist in real life.  Which means that all of the beta testers who test out this system are more likely than not paid actors.

Dubai Lifestyle “Recommended” Brokers Are Awful

One of the most controversial areas regarding the Dubai Lifestyle App would be their “recommended” brokers they require traders to sign up with.  You see in order to gain access to the Dubai Lifestyle App you need to sign up and fund a trading account with a minimum of $250.  Just know that none of the brokers offered by Dubai trading platform are regulated and that more likely than that they are operating offshore.  Make sure if you do decide to sign up with a binary options software or auto trader that you deposit with a broker that is regulated if needed.

Our Dubai Lifestyle App Trading Experience

If you are looking to make $7,000 per day with the Dubai Lifestyle App you might as well pack up your bags and head the other way.  Scott Hathaway’s claim of being able to generate over atleast $7k per day is not only downright outrageous but borderline insane.  Even if you averaged 70% success you would need to invest for quite a long time to reach the volume needed in order to accrue that high income.  However, as you can see for yourself in the image below, the performance factor of Dubai Lifestyle App is just downright pitiful.  Averaging a 40% success in our first hour with the software is embarrassing and detrimental to your trading ego.


Dubai Lifestyle App Availability

One of the reasons why Dubai Lifestyle App is a viral binary options scam would be because it is available in every demographic.  Meaning that no matter which country you reside within you are able to invest with shady, offshore binary option brokers that don’t operate in accordance to the law.  We can assure you that if you did make a deposit with Dubai Lifestyle App and you tried to execute a withdrawal that more likely than not it would not go through.  Do you really want to put your hard-earned money at risk for something as avoidable as that?


Dubai Lifestyle App FAQ

What is the average reported success rate with Dubai Lifestyle App?

If you are hoping that Dubai Lifestyle App is the software that will allow you to take your trading to the next level then you’re surely mistaken.  Averaging under a 53% success rate, Dubai Lifestyle auto trader is one of the most inaccurate trading softwares for binary options.  In an high-demand industry such as binary options you need a success rate of atleast 56% to break even (based upon average 75% return rate).  We averaged under a 40% success rate with the Dubai Lifestyle App, which means it performed 16% poorer than we needed to even consider breaking even.

Are the brokers that are synced with Dubai Lifestyle auto trader reliable?

The real question you should be asking would be whether any of the brokers synced with Dubai Lifestyle App are regulated or not.  Which in the case of this scam software, none of the brokers are regulated.  Which means you are only left to sign up and fund an account with one of the shady brokers assigned to you.  Just a heads up though, if you do for some inexplicable reason do deposit your money with one of their brokers then just consider your money gone.  Basically like a magic trick, as soon as you deposit the broker will cease all communication with you and block your requests for withdrawals.

Is the Dubai Lifestyle App a legit binary options trading software?

Not even close!  Everything about Dubai Lifestyle App is fake and scummy!  “Scott Hathaway” doesn’t exist as we have shown!  He appears to be nothing but a phantom that was conjured magically out of thin air.  Now onto a more serious reason why you should avoid the Dubai Lifestyle scam would be because people who have been scammed have reported overcharges to their credit and debit cards along with identity theft problems!  This is one nasty scam which is why we urge all readers to avoid this scam!

What can you do if you have been scammed by Dubai Lifestyle App?

Although we aren’t that way well known we do have great connections in the binary options and forex industry.  If you have been scammed you can always make a report with perhaps the largest and most trusted binary options review site known as  They have the largest subscriber base out of any binary options and online trading website and have exposed over 600 some scams to date.  If you have a problem we recommend going there, many traders have had great success getting their money back through them.

What is the most reliable and tested software other than Dubai Lifestyle?

With utmost confidence we can confirm that Dubai Lifestyle App is not a software that can be trusted.  If you want a trusted and tested binary options trading software that is reliable then get a Free $50,000 Demo Account with BinBotPro.  Many popular binary option review sites and forums are positively reviewing BinBotPro as a tested and consistent trading software for binary options.  If you are looking for a real demo account to test out then make sure to check out BinBotPro.

What Do We Think About Dubai Lifestyle App?

It’s quite clear in our minds that Dubai Lifestyle App is a SCAM.  All the things Scott Hathaway shared about his binary options auto trader are fake. By keeping all truths in mind, we are not recommending Dubai Lifestyle App to anyone!

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