Perhaps you've seen advertisements for incentive freebie websites on the internet. These sites work off of incentivized affiliate marketing. In other words, these site owners offer incentives to their users to complete X amount of offers, and they are paid a larger amount by the advertisers to do this.

1. You sign up at an incentive freebie website for free. All the information that the sites requires is your name, address and telephone number which will only be used to verify your identity in order to fight fraud. They will match up this info with your computer's IP address to make sure you are who you say you are. Then you'll give the site your PayPal address so that they can send you the PayPal prize. Obviously, if you opt for a physical gift then it will go to the address that you provide.

2. Complete the required number of sponsored offers from the advertisers available. Large companies that associate with these sites have included Blockbuster, Netflix, NY Times (and the list of legitimate companies can go on). Many of these offers are free trials or cost you close to nothing. Neverheless, many of them will ask you for credit card info as a way of verifying your identity. After you have completed the required number of offers, you have now "gone green"

3. Refer friends through the referral link that you will be given on your account page. They must sign up through your unique referral link. On the average incentive freebie website the payout per referral is at $ 40. You will now earn $ 40 for each referral that goes green after signing up through your referral link.

Now you understand why I call this an easy way of earning money online directly to your PayPal account. Simply go to an established incentive freebie website and complete the required number of offers. Afterward, email your friends and family to sign up for these cheap trials through your account. You will earn $ 40 for each referral and there is no limit to this madness!

Imagine if you could get 50 people from your friends, family, and co-workers to complete a simple offer through your referral link. That's $ 2,000!

The site owners can afford to do this since they are being paid by the advertisers who are interested in paying them in return for the new customers, even if they are only signing up for free trials. In this way, it really becomes a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Source by Dwight Arvin