If you want to make real money online you have to build trust and credibility with your prospects. People are skeptical and they buy from those they like and respect. They do not want to feel tricked – they want the feeling of making their own decisions – having their own ideas.

A marketer has to consistently earn trust from the customers. To those out on the internet you are a complete stranger and before you have shown them, they have no reason to believe that you are able to deliver. On the internet today you will find people leaning to over-promise and under-deliver. Like or dislike it – you must prove your ability to serve and give.

The blog, website, video or articles etc. You create on the web can work for or against you. It is actually your face on the internet – it is what the world sees. That can be your help – or your obstacle. People searching on the internet are not looking for a company – they are looking for a person to follow. They are looking for somebody who can show them the right direction – be a leader.

The website you build up has to be about you, represent you "talk" about you.

But – and this is really an important and maybe somehow surprising BUT. The site is not really about you. It is about what you can do for your leads, prospective, customers and business-partners. This is an awareness shining through everything you write and tell on the internet. What you should ask yourself while creating your presence online is: What do I write about? How does it relate to my prospects and why should they care about it?

Here are 3 steps you should take a closer look at and follow:

How can you brand yourself, and how can your site show it to the world? "
Who are you and why should people care?
Find out who you are and why you are doing this kind of work.

Examples – are you:

A drop-out-of-school person?
A person having a high-school education and a good job- but are very unhappy.
Having a fantastic job but no spare time for family and friends.
Are you a pensioner with a desire to start something new in life?
Or else – – what's your story?

How can your story shape your business – make people believe in you? Can your experience lead your business in the direction you want it to go? Will it show the world that you are a leader? Can it make you stick out in a positive way compared to other internet entrepreneurs? How do You in the best way "paint" Your picture online?

Write your copy well, legitimate, and free of grammatical errors.

You should read books on copy writing and / or follow webinars / seminars. Your writing has to have flow, clarity and grammar. The writing is your words to the people – is it poor will it easily be drawn the conclusion that you are a poor leader. If words and writing do not come easy, you will always have the possibility to outsourcing it. Or maybe you have a friend who loves writing and wanting to earn some money. Spend some time on this – polish it – you will experience it is worth it.

Sound like a professional.

What would you expect from someone you would want to follow? People have to believe what you are writing – it has to show that you know what you are talking about. Reflect what you write on yourself. Be your prospect – see what you write through their eyes and mind. Do you believe what you read? If you want to be a leader – the first thing you have to do is to see yourself as a leader – how do you feel? Then present yourself as such to the world. Choose your words carefully. Using too much slang and jokes might push you down. Humor is a very personal thing – people might not find you funny. Remember – internet makes the world small – slang and jokes differs around the world. Your personality is allowed to shine through though – try to sound like those you'd want to be perceived as. This will indeed help you have a successful online business

Source by Liv Senstad