Here are five easy ways to make money online that are completely legitimate and do not involve click sites or paid surveys and are simple for beginners.

1. Sell through eBay

It was recently estimated by CNBC that around 500,000 people make most or all of their income from home using eBay but it is so obvious that most do not even consider it when searching for easy ways to make money online . If you are new to eBay, get the hang of it by selling some things you have around the house. Once you know your way around the eBay interface, go online and find companies that do what is called "drop-shipping" and these companies will ship the products directly to your customers and they let you profit from the price mark-up.

2. Market Time-Tested Books

There are thousands of popular classic books that are now public domain. Use a site like BooksForABuck to choose an out of print book that you could market to a specific niche. Create an eBook and you will be amazed at how easy it will be to sell it using a simple blog and a PayPal account.

3. AdSense and Auto-Blogging

You have to get hundreds of hits per day to a site to profit from AdSense, right? Well, with a reliably new technique know as auto-blogging you can set up dozens of blogs in different niches to draw visitors. Each blog may only make a few bucks a day, but you will see some great results if you consistently set up these auto-blogs.

4. Cost Per Action Networks

Did you know that some insurance companies and mortgage brokers will pay internet marketers up to $ 30 just to capture a name, email address, and phone number of an interested prospect? These companies create projects through cost-per-action networks that you can join and the networks pay you directly for each of these leads you generate. Of these easy ways to make money online, joining a cost per action network should not be first on your list. You usually have to go through an application process and be accepted by the network but if you are getting any transaction from your auto-blogs then this should not be a problem.

5. Sponsored Social Media

Of all the easy ways to make money online, sponsored social media is the most fun. Companies large and small recognize the power of social media marketing but many have chosen not to limit them to the pay per click ads inside the various social sites. Go gather Twitter followers and get some transaction with one of your blogs and companies like Izea will provide the you with the opportunity to get paid for sending a Tweet or for writing a 200 word blog post. You will not get paid $ 15,000 for sending a single Tweet like Kim Kardashian (at least not until you can match her 4 million + follower base) but would not it be great to make a quick $ 25 for writing a couple of paragraphs about a cool new mobile phone?

Source by Timothy Norton