It is human nature to want something for nothing. It's also human nature to want easy solutions to things, and to be better than the other person in every way. The problem is everyone wants an easy button that they can just push and magically make millions of dollars. Well to that I say when you find it let me know, until then I'm going to tell you easy ways to make money online.

The easiest way is through doing paid surveys, but they are next to useless when it comes to getting rich. My advice to you is if you want to make money stay away from them, but if you just want to make extra spending money for the weekend or something have at it. Next to paid surveys the easiest way to make money if through do article reviews. Article and site reviews are a great way to make some easy cash because the individuals pay you through paypal so you can usually get paid minutes after the evaluation is complete. The way this works is that marketers will pay you to post on their site or to proof read their site or articles to make sure that they are perfect before they submit them for publishing. While this job sounds easy, and it is, the marketers who employ you will find is less than amusing if you rip them off or if you approve something that ends up getting rejected, so take it seriously. The better job you do for the other marketers the more jobs they will give you to do.

The next easy way to make money is by promoting ppe sites. Ppe sites are sites that pay per email. In this case you make a set amount per email that you get to sign up. The best way to do this is by viral marketing or article writing depending on the content your trying to market. In many cases viral marketing or video marketing is the best way to promote your mother site and this can be done by uploading promotional videos to video hosting sites. The basic pay for ppe sites are usually between sixty cents and a dollar per email, but some are known to pay a max of a buck fifty. I have just discussed a few of the easy ways to make money online, but I can not hold your hand and make sure you follow what I have told you only you can decide what to do with this information, good luck.

Source by Chris M Dillon