“eBay Selling Queen blew up the eBay’s secret for you to make money on eBay”

eBay is one of the biggest sites on the Internet, There were over $60 billion dollars sold on eBay last year (even with the recession) and there are over 1.3 million people are trying to make money on eBay. Most of them haven’t a clue on how to work at it right…. You can earn a lot of money on eBay if you know what you’re doing, but you will also loss a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing.

Selling the used high-end electronics is the easiest way to make money on eBay: ~

Electronics’ product is always in demand.
Everybody in the world uses cell phones, PDAs, iPods, etc. The market is HUGE!

They’re tiny.
They need little storage area and are unbelievably cheap to distribute!

Low start-up cost.
Invest $50 a week or $5,000 a week like me. You don’t even need to take $50 if you have a credit card!

High resale prices.
You can make $50 to $120 profit per sale. You can earn $120 from a $50 investment. That’s a 100% – 200% return on investment!

Always-expanding market.
You will never run out of models to get into. The market is always increasing and expanding, as will your business.

Little work involved.
Don’t trying to make a thousand of $1 sales to make $1,000 when you can make ten of $100 sales instead. Easily make $250,000++ a year working an hour a day.

Wholesale DO NOT work on eBay: ~

-They don’t supply any used electronics’ products, which are in the highest profitable products on eBay.

-Wholesalers force you to purchase the massive quantity products and make huge investments!

-Wholesalers collect fees for their products. They call it “wholesale” price, but in fact, it is higher than the average selling prices for these products.

-The market fluctuates and the products will lose resale price even though they are inside your stock. Especially in our present, volatile market, values turn rapidly.

-Wholesalers generally don’t adjust their prices.

-Often wholesalers sell on eBay, they were offering preferable prices than you can, and stealing your clients!

-When the economy became bad, a lot of people get into the wholesale market, so it is completely overflowed with competition.

Another selection for failing on eBay is Drop shipping. Drop shipping is a system where you sell the product first. When the clients buy the product and paid for it. Then you place an order with your supplier, and they will send the product directly to your client. Sounds like an amazing system right? Unfortunately… IT DOESN’T WORK! Something that sounds like this good will never works.

Drop shipping Does NOT work on eBay: ~

-You can’t accurately define the product that you don’t possess. All you can do is depend on the supplier to define it honestly to you and then transmit the description into your eBay listing. Incorrect listings result will cause negative feedback from unsatisfied buyers.

-You can’t try out and check the products yourself to ensure buyer satisfaction. You have to hope that your supplier try out and check all their products completely. Cracked products will cause your clients lost confidence on the products and get negative feedback.

-You can’t control how fast your supplier ships to your buyers. If your buyers are dissatisfied with the shipping time, they will leave you the low “Detailed Seller Ratings” and negative feedback, which will reduce your eBay reputation, and making you became harder to sell products on eBay.

-You will become a middleman when the buyers return the product. It becomes a complicated procedure to keep track of the products if your buyers return them to you, and you need to send back to your supplier (that’s IF your supplier has a return policy, but not all of them do this).

The benefits of using eBay Selling Queen system: ~

-There is no need or require a minimum purchase. If you want, you can buy a product only and resell it.

-There is no restricting on how many of the stock you need to purchase. You can decide the quantity of the products you want, even if you want to purchase a thousand of products a week.

-You can modify the prices as the market changes, and always stay on the first place of the competition.

-You have the product in your hands, so you can try it out and check completely, ensuring to fulfill the buyer’s satisfaction.

-You can completely control everything that you want.

-Your profit margins will keep consistently no matter any changes in the market value or market conditions. Even if the economy goes down, you still can make money on eBay.

-This system can apply to any products in the entire category. You can select on what you like to work with, whether it’s cell phones, computers, clothes, digital cameras or all the above.

You are HERE because you are interested in learning how to make money on eBay. Here, you can study the knowledge and experience of eBay Selling Queen that was provided. She wrote this step-by-step and easy-to-follow ebook for those people who are searching to make money on eBay. And there is absolutely NO wholesaling or drop shipping involved, so you will NOT be required to sign up for any websites or mailing lists.

Source by Yee Khui