A lot of people will probably roll their eyes, and call me a nut, but just take a look at what's going in our country, we have the congress in closed door sessions, of which we have very limited information about these special sessions, to decide what will happen to our economy, do we bail out wall street and kill our country, or should it be done some outer way.

Do you remember when the government helped Lee Iacocca pulled the Chrysler motor company out of the hole, they did not do bail out for them, Chrysler and Iacocca had to pay back all the money that they borrowed, and they did, why can ' t wall street, and the banks do the same thing, why must it be a give away.

Why can not the government help wall street by giving them a high risk loan, and doing to them the same thing that they would a person who has bad credit, make them provide a huge down payment, and then expect them to repay the loan , and if they do not then liquidate their business assets, and put someone else in charge of their business.

Its' time to weed out the bad apples, not give them a free ride, take these companies to court, make them provide all of their business records to the court, and analyze their situation, and then proceed from there, if the big wigs need to do time in the pen, so be it, put them there.

We do not need to let this ruin our country, do not let the spoiled rich kids get away with their latest antics, do not let them run and hide, it's time to pay the piper, let's say that you had a line of credit, and one day you decided that you were not going to pay for any more, do you think that you'd get a bailout bill written for you so could you just run and hide, or would you have to pay for it .

It's disgusting what these people are doing to our beautiful country, it's horrible that nobody is going to have to pay the piper, and it's complete idiocy that the government is letting it happen, I do not even want to touch on the other stuff that I have heard, because I can not verify any of it with true facts.

The other things that I have been hearing make the bailout look like small time crime, they make it look like almost nothing at all, but until I can verify it I will just keep my mouth shut, but let's get back to the topic at hand , the bailout of wall street.

The people on wall street have been getting away with murder for years, and the result of it is what your seeing right right now, the down fall of the US economy, and if things keep going like they have been, it will only get worse , so batten the hatches and get ready for the flood, because it's probably on the way.

What our congress, and our house is doing behind closed doors should never happen in this country, some of them would like to see a form of communism running this country, what do you think government health plans are, it's just a way for them to chip away at our rights, a lot of years, just seeing how far we'd let it go, and look at it now.

By letting them take care of health for you, your giving them a way to make you more dependent on them, and the USA is all about being independent, and free, you know the land of the free, and that does not include socialism, Egypt communism.

We need to put people who we can trust in charge of the big wall street players, the banks, and the mortgage industry, maybe it's time to give the country an enema to clean all the bad stuff out, it could be time for a fresh start, and a whole new way of business in our country.

If you love our country, and you do not want to see them flush it down the toilet, please get informed and speak you mind, let them know what you think, and most of all, quit expecting our government to give handouts, make you way on your own, and buy American.

Source by Woody Johnson