As an affiliate marketer, you always have to be testing different ways of getting visitors to your affiliate sites and converting them into paying customers in order to make money. Some people just are not cut out for affiliate marketing, they do not have the stamina or patience to go the distance. Than there are the people that will test and test and try different things. These are the people that make money online with affiliate programs and products.

There are a multitude of ways that you can market your affiliate sites, but are they all worth your time? My experience alone tells me that a lot of them are designed to just take your money and waste your time. Are you the type of marketer that wants to make money online or spend it? Of course you want to earn it, so let's talk about one simple yet proven ways that affiliate marketers make their livings online.

Pay Per Click Marketing

This is probably the fastest way to drive "laser guided traffic" to your sites. In return your affiliate profits increase quickly when executed properly. The three best pay per click providers in order are Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Google of course is the "grandaddy" of everything online. The right way to launch a successful pay per click campaign with Google AdWords is through a squeeze page. By using a squeeze page you can capture visitors emails and follow up with them over time. Your subscriber list will grow quickly if you offer a freebie and so will your affiliate sales.

The reason it is so effective is that most visitors will not purchase from you the first visit. It is proven that it takes your potential customer about several exposures to your program or product before they will buy.

So it goes like this, set up your squeeze page and add your autoresponder subscribe address. Then insert 3 to seven letters into your autoresponder that one, share information about your product and two tell the subscriber why they need to get it. Than head over to Google AdWords and set up your account and fund it.

Once your AdWords account is set up, write your AdWords ads. You can use up to three different ads to see which ones are pulling in visitors. As visitors arrive at your squeeze page and subscribe for more info, your autoresponder will take over marketing your affiliate program or product to them and over time this equals sales and sign ups.

Do not bid for high cost keywords. Test and see which keywords are getting clicks and generating sales for you. As you start to see sales being generated through Pay Per Click, repeat the process with Yahoo and MSN.

This is one of the most effective affiliate marketing techniques that you can use online to generate a large monthly income.

Source by Chris Peterson