Effective Strategies for Successful Advertising

Advertising has become almost a must for any business or an entrepreneur, but the modern e-age has opened up the scope and availability of easy to use techniques to such unimaginable levels, that many find it extremely complicated to plan and run their advertising successfully. Simultaneously the plethora of advertising modes/options has complicated the scene even further, that many advertisers are pushed to the wall to keep their ad budgets under control and also achieve optimal results, – which is what successful advertising is meant to do.

The advertising scenario is full with a number of magic-like words such as fragmented advertising, consumer-centric ad campaigns, involving a wide range of options covering the audio, visual and electronic media, in addition to the traditional routes such as radio, television, newspaper, magazines and of course the flashy and steady billboards. The new-age electronic gadgetry has further enabled such an influx of advertising techniques, from popups, to audio messages, flashes, animation, and various levels of interactive campaigning, that it is inherently difficult to decide which is the optimum mix to run a successful ad campaign.

There is still a lot of debate on whether the traditional advertising routes could survive and sustain their roles in these modern times, but knowledgeable sources from within seem to be confident of their roles as they undoubtedly serve their purpose and well. Now comes the big question of how to find the right mix for anyone wanting to advertise using all or some of these advertising methods, as part of their ad campaigns. Some of the effective strategies listed below have shown tangible results, both in the short and long term plans of scores of successful advertisers.

1. Clearly selecting the target group and knowing all about them seems to score the topmost rank, because the criterion for choosing the option, well depends on the target. Campaign money needs to be spent on methods like radio, newspapers, magazines if the target comprised of senior citizens, whereas schemes to attract working parents should get decided based on where or what sources they look in, like which TV, Internet, or which magazines and so on.

2. Collecting all that is possible about the top three competitors, about the what, when, methods, timing, audiences, target messages and where they plan to do their campaigns, first and next.

3. Once the above two data, are available, one has to analyze what is right or not-so-right, and then plan to devise a wee-bit better format or scheme or colour or sound or whatever. One has to be different to get noted/differentiated.

4.Choosing one/two proven working strategies from the top performers so that there is a time-tested formula that can work in the interim stage of the campaign.

5. A combination of clarity and freshness should present what one has to say to the target, as to why he/she should take from the advertiser and not the competitor.

6. The widespread use of Internet seems to work like a double-edged sword, beneficial and detrimental, to both the target and advertiser. While offering an easy expression and quicker/faster service, many target users could also feel overburdened from excessive/irrelevant information leading to drop in satisfaction levels, – what needs to be done is the proper mix to sustain target interest.

7. Proper balance of seeking what the customers want to know and selling some key ideas about the advertised product/service would ensure that the receiver accepts in a positive mind as against viewing as a nuisance.

8. Realize that the average modern e-age customer is much more technically informed and conversant with information sourcing and accessibility and planning the campaigns accordingly.

The crux of the whole scene is how to balance the traditional with the new and work out a judicious mix of advertising methods to suit each target group and achieve the ultimate goal of successful advertising.

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Source by mort stern