Nigel Pearson is the scammer who brings us the Elite Gold Profits scam, a total rip off in every sense of the word. Sure, binary options as well as Forex can both be amazing money making opportunities. However, do generate any kind of profits you need to be using a reliable and trustworthy automated trading robot. Elite Gold Profits is definitely not that reliable program. There is a whole lot of evidence and fishy stuff going on here, all of which points to the undeniable conclusion that Elite Gold Profits software is nothing but a cash grabbing scheme.

Nigel Pearson, the so called creator, is a totally phony, and so are his promises of fame and fortune. We’re told that this trading bot can rake in an astounding $1,300 per day, every single day of the week, and it can do so with a guaranteed 98% success rate. Does this sound too good to be true? Well to us it is undoubtedly way too good to be true, or even remotely believable for that matter. This is the Elite Gold Profits scam review and you need to hear what we have to say because it will save you from financial ruin.

How Does Elite Gold Profits Scam Software Work?

Perhaps the most important thing that we need to know about any binary options or Forex trading platform is how it works. There is no way that we ever would, or you ever should, invest money with a program like Elite Gold Profits software when you have no idea what its function is or how it works to generate money for you.

The fact of the matter is that we are not even given so much as a rudimentary explanation in terms of the inner workings of this program. All we are told about it is that it works really fast to make a big profit for you. That is akin to going to a car dealership and having the car salesman tell you that this particular model has four wheels. NO DUH!

If we are expected to invest a single penny in a program like the Elite Gold Profits program we want to know what the underlying algorithms do, what methods and strategies are being used, what indicators are in place, and everything else that is going on behind the scenes. Being told that this program works fast to make money is simply not good enough to earn our trust.

Who Is The Man In The Elite Gold Profits Presentation Video?

Well, we are lead to believe that the owner, creator, and CEO of this farce is a man by the name of Nigel Pearson. He looks innocent enough at first glance, but when we really listen to what he says and how he says it, it quickly becomes apparent that he is a clueless buffoon. This guy has no idea what he is talking about, which is most likely because he can barely sound out the big words and syllables of the script he was supplied with.


Make no mistake, this fraudtser’s name is not Nigel Pearson, and no matter what his name really is, besides being paid to star in a crappy presentation video, he has absolutely nothing to do with Elite Gold Profits software. He did not create it and he does not own it either, not to mention that this crooks doesn’t know a single thing about binary options trading anyway. We looked him up and did not manage to find a single credible search results, oh of course except for ones linked to this scam. You cannot trust Nigel by any means, and that undoubtedly leads to the conclusion that you can’t trust Elite Gold Profits software either.

Elite Gold Profits – Big Profits & Bigger Lies

When it comes to generating a profit, being told that this autotrader can make over 1,300 bucks in a single day, every day of the week, just has to be a joke. There is no other way to put it; it is a complete joke. If you know anything at all about binary options trading platforms, you will know that it is simply impossible for any one trader to make over $800 in a single day. The rules of the market are strict and they just don’t allow for those kinds of profits.

Moreover, markets are not open on weekends, meaning that on Saturday and Sunday they are closed to all trading. So, we are left wondering how exactly Elite Gold Profits is going to make trades when the markets are closed. The reality is that these claims are nothing more than bold faced lies. The same can be said for the promise of supposed constant 98% ITM rate.

Just like with the profits, there is no way that this can be true. Even the best automated trading platforms out there can’t win over 85% of trades. Risk is an inherent factor in the market, which means that some trades will inevitably be lost. Saying that only 2% of trades will be lost when using Elite Gold Profits is completely ridiculous. There is no way, even in a frozen over hell, that this could ever be remotely true.



Elite Gold Profits – A Fake Creation Date

The final thing about this bogus pile of junk that is worth mentioning is that they clearly lie to us about the creation date. In the presentation video we are shown profits that go all the way back to 2015. However, when we did some domain registry research we came across an interesting fact. The website was only registered and became active on April 12 of this year. We obviously can’t trust these criminals because all they do is lie.

Elite Gold Profits Scam Review Conclusion

You need to stay away from Elite Gold Profits because it is nothing more than a scam. There is not a single credible or remotely truthful claim made by the anonymous scam artists behind it. This is more than enough to scare us away for good.

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