Email address tracing sounds like a practice only detectives and police can do. But, thanks to technology, email address tracing is a relatively easy task that can be completed within minutes. As long as you have good internet connection, you can conduct email address tracing without breaking a sweat.

But why would you need to trace an e-mail?

The main reason why people wanted to know where the message came from is security. Many people are receiving threatening information that came from an unknown source. If you know who created an email address that sent the message, you can press charges or ask the police for some assistance because of the threats you receive. Businesses also need to know who created an email address since they want to know the exact identity of the data sender. They could be easily misled if someone sends them bad information without any verification.

Steps to Search Email Origin

In order to search email origin, you need to find a website that can interpret an e-mail header and IP addresses. Fortunately, there are hundreds of websites created for these purposes. You only need to provide the e-mail header to get the data you want.

The header can be found by looking for additional information of the message you receive. There should be some resource tools your electronic mail provider creates so that you can retrieve the e-mail header. Once you got that information, simply copy and paste the data on the online tool. The site will provide the data that could be used to detect the sender – the IP address. IP address or Internet Protocol address is used as a locator or representation of the computer’s physical location. This is assigned by Internet Server Providers (ISPs) so that they can monitor and control the services they provide to their clients.

Once you extract the IP, simply enter this information to the same site and you’ll get the results in minutes. This data can help you know who created an email address that sent the data you just received.

Reverse Email Lookup Services

Using a reliable reverse lookup service is the best way to get details of an email account owner. You simply supply the e-mail address of interest and you are provided with a detailed result. Such sites usually offer detailed results at affordable rates. Results usually include name, location, phone number, age, sex and other personal details. Just make sure you compare different options before choosing one to go with.

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