The first month of the year was a relatively quiet one for the
Enhanced Investing account, with only 8 closing transactions. Far from
the 16-17 average. We closed the month with a profit after commissions
of $229.68. As a reminder, this is on a $25,000 account at Tastyworks, with 2:1 margin. Below are the details per position:

Eight short Puts closed and one Covered Call. That was all. The
total realized gain represents a +0.9% growth for the account. Yeah, not
a whole lot. This represents an annualized 11% return.

We keep riding a WBA stock position, assigned during 2019, and now it
is also likely that we will be assigned XOM shares during the month of
February. It’s ok. I think it is a very undervalued name. After the
assignment, if it finally happens, I’ll start to sell Covered Calls on
those shares. We’ll see how the month unfolds! Thanks for reading.

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