Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo are the founders of which hosts a new Forex trading software that generates profits on a daily and consistent basis. Called the Epix Trader, this new Forex trading software has started to take the day-trading industries by popular demand. Highly rated and approved on a number of other popular online review sites, the feedback and results have been far above average. Functioning upon a well-known investment theory from George Soros, known as the Theory of Reflexivity, the principles which compose this trading software are not only unique but quite effective. Throughout this review we will learn more about the Epix Trader software along with the risks and rewards included with trading with this Forex software.

What is the Epix Trader Software?

The Epix Trader software is one of the best Forex trading solution we’ve come across. Supporting a user-base consisting of over 26,000 active day-traders, this is one of the largest and most transparent investment software for online trading. Synced with some of the most trusted Forex brokers in the industry, traders who get started with this software can rest-assured knowing their personal information and finances are kept in safe hands. Compared to most systems that are comprised of customized technical indicators, the Epix Trader functionality is based upon proven investment principles and 5 different trading algorithms that work in tangent with one another.

Who are Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo?

Most commonly known for their role in creating the Epix Trader EA and Forex software, these two weren’t always the power couple they are well-known for. Alumni graduates from a Boston college, these two specialized in the finance field where the fate of their reunion decided to spark more than just an interest in finance. Mark Evans became the CFO after being a specialist in automated programming for his trading company, while Tina accrued one of the most influential investment portfolios for her firm. Due to Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo, we have the EA (Expert Advisor) which is the Forex program they both created to generate the Epix Trader software.

Epix Trader Feedback

How Does Epix Trader Work?

Coming full-circle to the composition and functionality of the Epix Trader software, we discussed that this system operates with 5 different investment algorithms that work in tangent with one another, meaning that unless all 5 algorithms are aligned together, the Epix Trader software will not generate and suggest a signal. Signals are based upon the well-known investment quote, “The trend is your friend till the end,” which is not only true but common sense among traders who have a couple months of investing under their belt. What this means would be that the Epix Trader is a reversal oriented trading software that looks for exhaustion in price trends and common Japanese candlestick formations to determine when a reversal is likely to occur.

When a reversal is likely to occur, the 5 algorithms known as the BP Trend Filter, Market Deviation, Relative Price Impulse, Stat. Price Range and Price Pattern algorithms need to all generate the same investment signal (correct type of investment) in order for an investment signal to be approved and suggested on the Epix Trader platform. On average you can expect to generate a success rate ranging between 70 to 83% on a daily basis when using this software. Although on the website we see some reports of success rates ranging as high as 93%, we personally have not achieved those sort of results with the system yet.

Epix Trader Results

All-in-all, if you want an alternative away from binary options until all the regulatory issues get put aside and the amount of scams subside, then we encourage you to check out the Epix Trader. The Epix Trader software is an effective, tested and approved Forex trading software and if you do decide to give this system a shot, please leave your feedback below. We have been testing this system the past two weeks and have generated just over $2,400 with only $500 down. If you need advice with getting started with the system, feel free to leave a comment below. We look forward to hearing the positive feedback and we are very excited about this first legit Forex trading opportunity!

How To Join the Epix Trader Community

Join through our Epix Trader Promotion to qualify for a free VIP Pass to our Exclusive Facebook Signals Group and a FREE 75% Success Rate Strategy!

  1. Visit and enter your email address.
  2. Sign up with the recommended Forex broker.
  3. Login at the Epix Trader Members Page and download the EA
  4. Don’t forget to comment below this review and provide us with your own testimonial!

Note: Once you have downloaded the EA, you can use the software with any broker that supports MT4, even on a demo account. The Epix Trader EA software program is also compatible and effective with (both in demo and real accounts). Invest is a regulated Forex broker operating with compliance with 12 different regulatory agencies! There are no safer and more legal investment option than this dynamic duo. However, Invest is only available in Europe and the UK. If you’re located elsewhere, please visit our new Forex page to learn about our most recommended Forex brokers.


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