The Epix Trader is here and you definitely need to know about it. To be clear, there are two separate platforms created by Epix, one for Binary Options and one for Forex. Here we are only going to be talking about the Forex side of things, but don’t worry because there is a lot to cover! Epix Trader Forex is a brand new innovation in the foreign exchange trading industry, one that is highly profitable and will blow any other platform clean out of the water.

Up until now, there has never been such a revolutionary breakthrough in Forex trading. Epix Trader Forex is one of the rare Forex trading platforms to date that is definitely not a scam. Many programs out there are only out to steal your money out from under your nose, but finally we can say that we have stumbled across a program which is here to help you, not itself and its creators.

Epix Trader Forex is headed by some of the brightest minds that this generation has ever seen. The creators of Epix Trader Forex put their knowledge together to create one of the most ridiculously profitable trading platforms of all time. To be clear, this is an expert advisor which gives you all of the info you need to execute awesome trades. While at the same time, it is also a fully automated trading program.

The fully automated feature actually functions through some time tested Forex trading methods that have been greatly improved upon. The main feature you are going to want to know about is the Forex scalping method that is used, a proven way of trading Forex. The result of this all is an awesome foreign exchange trading program that is reliable, easy to use, and highly profitable as well.

Sure, this is technically an Epix Trader Forex scam review, but this is one of those times where we are here to say that it is not a scam, as opposed to so many money grabbing schemes out there. Let’s get to it and find out absolutely everything that there is to know about this neat new program and why you should seriously consider trying it out as your main way of generating a profit in the world of foreign exchange.

What Is Epix Trader Forex?

Epix Trader Forex is a groundbreaking expert advisor and automated trading platform that specializes in Forex trading. Forex being foreign exchange, which means you trade currency pairs. To be exact, this is a Forex scalping program that makes a whole lot of trades with minimal investments.

In essence, Epix Trader Forex uses a method of diversification combined with very short time frames to execute a large number of profitable trades in the world of foreign exchange. The theory behind this program is based on a book written by George Soros, entitled “The Alchemy of Finance”, which is all about catching trends at the right moment to make the most profitable trades possible.

We’re going to go into a lot more detail about all of this, including who is behind the program, how the trading strategy and method actually works, and much more. What you really need to know is that Epix Trader Forex is a Forex scalping program that used time tested trading methods in combination with extremely innovative analysis features, accurate indicators, and several other features. All of these aspects combine to make it one of the most secure and profitable Forex trading platforms out there.



Epix Trader Forex – The Brains Behind The Operation

To get started, a very important aspect of any trading program is who created it. Sure, the functionality and profitability of the program are important too, but knowing who is behind the program gives us a lot of insight as to its legitimacy. There are many scams out there which don’t use genuine people and simply use paid actors to portray real people, in which case you can rest assured that the program in question is not legit.

This is however not the case with Epix Trader Forex. We did our research and we can say that everyone we get to see is without a doubt real and trustworthy people. Both of the creators have real addresses, real social media profiles, many differing search results, and plenty of other evidence to correlate the fact that they are genuine people.  So, who are they?

The brain behind Epix Trader Forex, the Forex Scalping auto-trader, is a husband and wife team. Their names are Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo, a super-sharp duo that has changed the way Forex trading works. These two are indeed very impressive and we have no doubt that they know what they are doing.

Both of these geniuses, and we mean that sincerely, both got postgraduate scholarships in trading and finance. Moreover, they are both doctors in the field of finance and economics, a degree which they were awarded from a high-level Boston University. Their expertise resides in Forex trading and world finance, a perfect background for a program like Epix Trader Forex.

After they got their degrees, Mark and Tina parted ways for a short period of time, but soon reunited. Tina went on to be a top analyst in a Wall Street firm, while Mark went on to become the CFO of a computer software creation firm which specialized in robotic and algorithmic Forex trading. You can see where this is going already. They put their expertise together, combined everything they knew about autotrading, finance, and Forex, and created Epix Trader Forex.

There is not a shadow of a doubt in our minds that both Mark and Tina are the real deal. They use their real names, are not paid actors, have real degrees, real world experience, and much more. There is absolutely no evidence which would indicate that this trading platform is in any way a scam.


How Does Epix Trader Forex Generate A Profit?

Hold on to your seats because this is going to get a little bumpy. There are a lot of theoretical, technical, and analytical aspects that go into The Epix Trader. They are all very important, so we are going to do our best to make this all as simple and easy to understand as is humanly possible.

The first thing that you need to know about the Epix Trader is that it is based around George Soros’ theory of reflexivity. This theory states that the market tends to function towards disequilibrium as opposed to the popular belief that it tends to be all about equilibrium. This is in theory because the actions of all participants in Forex are greatly exaggerated by their biases and misconceptions about the market. This creates a biased feedback loop, because their subsequent actions enforce even more bias in a self-reinforcing loop of bias.

Therefore, Epix Trader Forex works by understanding market cycles and their reflexive response to various traders and their biases. The trick is to exploit the market, catch trends early, observe when the trend reversals occur, and stay ahead of the trend curve. In essence, Epix Trader Forex catches trends early, realizes when the reversals will occur, and utilizes the info available in a high volatility situation to create a profit.

Moreover, Epix Trader Forex is also based on the time tested strategy of scalping, as outlined by George Soros. To be clear, Forex scalping simply involves making trades based on real time trend analysis. It functions by making small investments, holding the position for a very limited amount of time and making a small profit on each trade, of which there are very many.


Epix Trader Forex – Method & Strategy

The main point to keep in mind here is that Epix Trader Forex is based on the scalping method. This is a method that involves short term trading in high volatility markets for small profits. The thing about scalping is that the accuracy rate stands around 78%, which is a little lower than some other strategies out there.

The thing to keep in mind here is that while the accuracy rate is not quite as high as it could be, there are so many trades made in one day when compared to other strategies and programs, that the sheer amount of trades more than makes up for the slightly low accuracy rate. The high accuracy way of trading combined with just a few daily trades is not sustainable in terms of making a daily income, but this scalping strategy is quite the opposite.

The algorithms for Epix Trader Forex rely on three specific market conditions. To be exact, there are three different algorithms in place here, all of which work together to generate profits. The first algorithm involves on the research of current trader sentiment. This means that The Epix Trader uses moving averages to determine where the market is trending towards.

This is something that many other programs do, but the difference is that The Epix Trader Expert Advisor incorporates a filter that determines the potential of a trade based on trading volume. This actually allows the robot to determine the safest stop-loss point as well as the maximum take-profit for you.

Next, the second algorithm looks for the best strike rate, which is based on a simple support and resistance level. This function of being able to hit at the best strike rate goes a very long way in maximizing profits. These trades are very quick and short term, usually lasting anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

The third and final algorithm is an intuitive combination of oscillators, meaning that it observes trend reversals. The Epix Trader measures overbought or oversold market condition which wipes out spiking anomalies and extracts reliable pattern information. This helps to confirm both trends and trend reversal in order to find the best signals, the best strike rates, optimal stop-loss points, and trading windows.

The final part of Epix Trader Forex involves observing major market news updates which affect trends and also avoids triggering signals or trades during inappropriate times. This is a factor that can easily boost the accuracy rate of this Forex trading platform to well over 80%.

The bottom line here is that there are several algorithms which work in combination to identify all of the most important factors which indicate a good signal, plus the scalping method of short term trades helps to greatly maximize profits. The takeaway from this is that Epix Trader Forex is a very accurate and reliable expert advisor and automated trading platform that will quickly fill up your trading account with those almighty dollars.


How To Use Epix Trader Forex

The really neat part about Epix Trader Forex is that you can easily install it on a free signal provider such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4). In fact, it is a program specifically designed as a plugin for MT4. All you have to do to install the Epix Trader EA on MT4 is follow these 12 simple steps. Keep in mind, this software is free for the time being, but once it becomes successful and you start making a good profit, as well as after the IPO, you will be charged a subscription fee of $393 per month. In other words, you can be a beta tester for free which includes unlimited use.

  1. Download Meta Trader 4
  2. Download EA File (Epix Trader Forex)
  3. Go to File menu – choose “open Data Folder”.
  4. Open MQL4 – Experts – and copy the file there, then close the folder.
  5. On the bottom left side go to “Experts” – Right click on your mouse and choose “Refresh”.
  6. Open a 15 minutes chart and click on the Auto Trading Bottom.
  7. Open Tools-Options-Expert Advisors. Check the first option and also “Allow DLL Import”.
  8. Drag and drop the file into the chart.
  9. If you use an old MT4 version you’ll get an error. Update or reinstall.
  10. Now the EA is running. As long as the market is open, it will apply trades.
  11. Recommended to use it in 5-6 symbols at the same time in order to diversify.
  12. To open it automatically – go to chart – right click – save template as – choose name. Then upload the template you saved in the relevant chart.



The Epix Trader – Trading Options That Suit Everybody

The final thing that we need to talk about is that this program actually lets you choose between two ways of trading, classic or aggressive. This means that both newbie and expert traders can use this software with ease. First off, the classic method incorporates all of the analysis and filters that went into programming The Epix Trader, which is great for beginners.

On the other hand, the aggressive method uses a “double up” method which is more suited for skilled and seasoned Forex traders. In essence, the aggressive method will double up on the next investment if the previous investment was a losing trade, thus affording you the opportunity to make back all lost money. This method is riskier and you do need a strong capital base, but it also has the potential to earn much more money.

The Epix Trader Forex – Conclusion


There is nothing to fear here. What we want to make very clear to you is that The Epix Trader is in no way a scam, a scheme, or engages in anything criminal or illegitimate. Everything about this program is totally real, credible, reliable, and trustworthy. More importantly, it is highly profitable and accurate. This is a truly revolutionary new program that will change the way that you engage in foreign exchange trading and you should definitely check it out ASAP!240_F_30978917_aWr5y65ZgUvsHdcsXlXLCKePsQ6gXkqx

IMPORTANT: If you have any questions, issues or you experience any problems please email us and we will be glad to assist you. Our contact customer support emailis[email protected]If you register with this service from our website then you will always have our full free support in case you run into any issues or problems. Remember that you are not alone, with us you will always be safe!

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