Epix Trader Review!

The Most Well-Rounded Help-Trading Tool Ever Build?

Epix Trader is currently the best help-trading tools for several reasons. First and most importantly its FREE, and secondly you do not need any prior trading experience to use this system! Epix trader is the first ever trading tool designed to be using both Forex and Binary Options as trading instrument. Once you decide, which trading method you want to use you just sign up an account and you start right away. The registration process is easy and can be finished in maximum 5 minutes.

Now, with this review we`ll explain everything you need to know about Epix Trader! Moreover, we`ll explain why its crucial to open an account with this system before the free trail expiries.

Epix Trader – Everything you need to know about this scalping software!

We have few very important components, which are making this auto-trader extremely powerful. The fact that the creators decided to make 1 month beta even before they announce this trading solution to the wide public is very important. We and many other trading monitor websites where allowed to test the system in advance. We experienced how binary account grow from $500 to $1500 for 20 trading days. And Forex account from $5000 to $9000 for the same period. The FX account managed to grow with maximum drawdown of $460. Basically, what that means is that even with $1000 starting balance the robot would make again $4000. In addition, know that scalping trading method actually uses really small percentage of your trading portfolio making it extremely safe for low budget traders.

How all this started?

The creators Mark Evans and Tina D`Angelo are motivated by George Soros and his trading methods. Soros also known as “The man who broke the bank of England” is one of the greatest investors of all time. There are many books written describing Soros trading methods and specifically one called “The Alchemy of Finance”. Scalping, that’s the trading method described in that book and that’s the approach used by Mark and Tina to build Epix Trader. In addition, they have integrated few other filters, but basically, they keep it simple using only solid and proven trading strategies.

Tina and Mark are great team since she is top financial analyst and he is software programmer. Actually, they have not really found the hot water here. They just have good approach, test, learn, repeat! Once they have started to use the scalping approach, all they needed to do is maximize the results by applying additional chart confirmation components. Final result is amazing! Sometimes simple things work the best, and Epix trader is 100% proof for that fact.

How Epix Trader Works?

You already know that this application is using the scalping trading method but how everything works? Don’t worry we`ll explain everything for you. In addition, we can confirm that everything they are using is extremely solid and every trader out there will agree.

The software of Epix Trader is divided to 4 algorithms:

  1. Algorithm #1 – seeking for current trader sentiment using moving averages that will determine where the market is heading. Additional filter measuring the volatility of the market will determine if and how big the trend is. That’s how the robot finds out best profit take and stop loss for its users.
  2. Stage #2 – finding the best strike rate! When we speak about scalping its very critical we know that precision is very important. That’s why the app is using simple support and resistance areas, to find entry points. The system finds consolidating markets and trades there. Every trader knows that hitting best strike rate is very important for scalping and trading overall, helps to maximize the profits.
  3. Precautious measures #3 – seeking for last confirmation using oscillators. The filter measures overbought and oversold market conditions. The robot uses oscillators like RSI and commodity channel index to spot potential reversal points. Showing potential continuation or end of the trend gives additional strength to the signals!
  4. Last but not least #4 – we all know that major news events practically can destroy every trading strategy, does not matter if its good or bad! That’s why Epix Trader is connected with economic calendar and will avoid or trade in relation with major news events.

As you can see, there are some serious analysis behind Epix Trader. Even if we leave out all the other advantages going with the registration, we cannot deny that this is the most well-rounded system we have ever seen!

epix trader review

How you can register with Epix Trader?

Now first you got to know that Epix Trader offers trading with Forex and with Binary Options, so you need to choose one of them before you register.

  1. Use this links: Epix Forex or Epix Binary and land on the registration page.
  2. Follow the registration process its standard and there is nothing complicated.
  3. Once you register with Binary you can login right away in your web-based platform and start trading.
  4. For FX you have to download also Meta Trader 4, since the FX part is running true this platform. Watch this video if you have trouble following the install process.
  5. You are ready to go!

What everyone else say about Epix Trader?

Before we approve a trading software we always check for community endorsements. During our social media and search engine investigation we couldn’t find anything negative for the Epix Trader app. That’s really good because obviously if the regular day-traders approve this software that’s very good. There is nothing more honest then true day-investor opinion!

Epix Trader Review – The Conclusion!

Like we said this is the first ever trading software allowing binary and forex at the same place. Big innovation supported by good results. The system is very good for beginners as well as for advanced traders. Inside the video presentation you can’t hear any lies or over-promising statements. That’s why we highly recommended this trading platform. In addition, the system is 100% endorsed by the trading society and its free for limited period of time!

Final Verdict: Epix Trader is Legit and Profitable Auto-Trading software. Available for Both Binary and Forex Trading Instruments.

Register for Free Here: Binary APP or Forex EA!

Trading is extremely lucrative field. But you have to know that due to the high demand there are a lot of bogus systems out there designed to steal your money. Knowing that in advance will help you to avoid any future loses. Using legit trading systems with high reputation is a must, that’s why we highly recommend Epix Trader as profitable trading system!

epix trader

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