Is Epix Trader a Scam? Read the Sheriff’s important Epix Trader for Forex and Binary review.  This Epix Trader review covers the Pros and Cons of this innovative signal software.  Epix Trader App is the most secure and accurate signal software that is founded on solid algorithms.  Both Binary Options Trading, as well as Forex Trading, can be risky.  This is especially so because there are scams leaked into the market on a daily basis.

So why is Epix Trader different? We recommend that you keep reading this Epix Trader review. In this review, you will find out not only how it works, but why it works.  There are multiple software systems on the market. Choosing from a selection of scam and legit can be very daunting, especially for new traders.  When it comes to choosing the right robot, there is one thing which is important above everything else.  This is trust, results, and user-friendliness!

In this Epix Trader review, we shall be explaining at length, how the software works and why it is programmed to give you optimum results.  The statements made at the beginning of the video pitch for Epix Trader are well researched and correct:

Fact: There are millions of traders worldwide who are earning profits trading Forex. A single platform could host as many as 5 million traders at one time.

Fact: Only 1% of the multi-million trading population trade on a full-time basis. The rest are trading on a part-time basis, “on the go”, or “after hours”.

Fact: In 2016, 95% of all Wall Street Trading activities have been executed by algo-trading robots.

Fiction: Trading is hard to learn and is restricted to professional traders.

Generally speaking, traders use software systems such as Epix Trader in order to gain profits.  This is especially so when robots detect situations which humans are not capable of recognising.  The base algorithm for the Epix Trader is pivoting around the perfect entry and exit time of any particular trade.

Forex and Binary Options are both traded on the same algorithms.  This is the first time, however, that we come across a Robot that has been specially designed to work on both types of platforms. Robots that are written with systems intended to find the best trading situations are rare.  The Epix Trader is designed to be a trading assistant. It can detect the best trading time frames, and will hep traders achieve fast results.  The Epix Trader is designed for maximum efficiency, safety, and profitability.

Epix Trader – A Positive Review

For those of you who are familiar with this site, you are aware that it is very rare that we recommend a system for safe trading.  Our Hall of Shame is an ever growing list of scams. We warn our users to avoid and stay clear of Blacklisted Systems.

Therefore, whenever we come across a legitimate system, we test it out for results. Epix Trader is extremely versatile and innovative.  We immediately set out to try it and find out Epix Trader results for ourselves. Below we will give you plenty of reasons for which we are endorsing the Epix Trader.

Legitimate trading software systems are designed to take advantage of market movements. They highlight the best time and assets which a trader should take advantage of.  I would also like to specify that nowadays complete “hands-free trading” is no longer legitimate.  CySec has been particularly strict with brokers. It has banned those who accept robots that take control over traders accounts.  Fully-automated trading is regarded as not legitimate with regulated brokers.  Therefore, today whenever anyone offers a fully-automated system you can rest assured that it is a scam.  This is not so with Epix Trader.

Epix Trader is a signal software system that can be used on both Binary Options Platforms as well as Forex MT4 platforms.  It is legitimate because it is based on market movements. It is NOT based on rigged algorithms which make the robot take control over your account and trade on your behalf losing trades!

Unbiased Epix Trader Software Review – Scam Free System!

The Trend is your Friend Until the End

The Epix Trader is presented to us by Mark Evans, an algorithm specialist, and his wife Tina D’Angelo a top trading analyst.  Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo are the co-team behind the Epix Trader.  They are top graduates who were both influenced by the Theory of Relativity. The Epix Trader is based on the  Alchemy of Finance of George Soros.

George Soros has been a great influence in the way in which the Epix Trader has been wired up.  Soros is known as the Man Who Broke the Bank of England.  In the video presentation, Mark and Tina explain how they apply the same principles in their Epix Trader.  They are the principles that have brought on such phenomenal results to the Soros Trading strategy.  This strategy is best known as the Soros Scalping Strategy or the Soros Scalper. If you want to find out more about Scalping read this great article – What is Scalping?

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