Epix Trader Review decides if Epix Scalper Bot is the real deal

Today we look at the Epix Trader which is a newly launched Forex trading software. In this full Epix Trader review I will give all my thoughts and opinions on everything they through at use in the main presentation, my experience and whether I think Epix Trader is a scam like so many fake auto-trading software’s I have exposed on my blog or if its the real deal when it comes to automated trading options.

Official Site: Binary Options App | Forex EA
CEO / Founders: Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo

Results From Epix Trader Review

Epix is a new system that has been brought to my attention in the last few days and after some deep research below is all the findings I have and my full thoughts on this new Forex scalping bot

Are the facts provided by Expix Trader Software True?

Facts provided:

  1. There are millions of traders worldwide who are earning profits trading Forex and a single platform could host as many as 5 millions traders at one time.
    • For some this one may be hard to believe but it is true and accurate but the reality is there are also many millions of people who lose alot of money in the Forex markets by following the wrong strategies or not following any at all.
  2. Only 1% of the multi-millions trading population trade on a full-time basis with the rest trading on a part-time or “on the go” type of basis.
    • Again this is true and I am glad to see them highlighting the fact that a huge majority of traders are not full time. This doesn’t mean that all the part-timers don’t earn a full time income as some do but they just don’t give all of their time to it. Some people also only do it as a hobby to earn some extra money while others just don’t have the confidence to deal with the risk of trading on a full time basis.
  3. In 2016 95% of Wall Street Trading activities have been executed by algo-trading robots.
    • Again for some this will be hard to take in but it is correct as the speed at which algo-trading bots can place and close trading is far beyond what any human can. Obviously there are still humans trading and doing very well for themselves but the machines now do a big majority of the trading.

Who is behind The Epix Trader platform

The main founders of the Epix Trader Algorithm are a husband and wife partnership of Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo who both started out by winning postgraduate scholarships in trading and finance. They met during their final year at a university in Boston but its wasn’t love at first sight as they were in competition to get top of the class for themselves.

They went their separate ways after college with Tina going on to become the top analyst at her firm and Mark becoming the CFO in a software writing company that specialized in robot trading or as its also know algo trading. They then met at a class reunion a few years later where they were both speakers and they become married within a year. They were both big believers in Geogre Soros “The Alchemy of Finance” which is based on the subject of trends and catching trends at the right time. As they say in the trading world the trend is your friend, George is one of the most famous traders in history who has made 1 billion and even 4 billion of 1 set of trades, you can read some news stories about him out here on CNBC if you want to know more about him.

The Early Days of the Epix Trader

After developing the software Mark and Tina reached out to a number of private investors from their previous portfolios and got them to test out the system with real funds. They were able to easily grow all their major clients accounts by 20% with minimal  account management. Their trading software is based on Soros’s trends and the principle of reflexivity so in reality their software works on trending applying a type of trading known as scalping. They use minimal indicators which I fully agree with as some people get way too carried away with adding multiple indicators to their charts thinking that will give them better signals. Keep it as simple as possible and trading the trends is one of the most simple and effective types of trading. After trying many different types of trading they settled on scalping which is short term trading where you get in and out of the market in short time frames and bank your profit. They now hit between 80 – 95% accuracy which is lower than some strategies but with scalping you will take alot more smaller trades so that means that this can be used on smaller accounts as well as bigger clients accounts. During beta testing they managed a gain of 12,000% which is 120 times the initial capital, we aren’t told over what time-frame this was but even if it was year or 2 years this is incredible good results.

The details of how Epix Trader Works

  1. First algorithm is based on research of current trader sentiment and uses moving averages to determine where the market is swinging. Now alot of system use this type of setup but Epix software also uses trading volume to determine the safest stop-loss and the max take-profit on auto pilot for you
  2. The 2nd algorithm searches for the best strike-rate based on support and resistance levels which is a time proven strategy and one I like to use in my own personal trading alot as once you identify them levels you are on to a winner.
  3. The 3rd and last algorithm is based on a combination of oscillator filters which measures data like when an asset becomes overbought or oversold in the current market conditions
  4. The scalper also takes major news into account and will not avoid trigering signals during inappropriate times which brings up the win rate significants. I always advise people to avoid trading during news unless you are an experienced trader so I am very happy to see this feature included in the Epix Scalper Software

All their trades are a maximum or 30 seconds to 10 minutes so its just in and out to take your profits

George Soros Trend Trading

They let the end user have 2 trading styles

  1. Classic Trading Method
    1. includes all the fundamental analysis and filters that have gone into the programming of the software
  2. The Aggressive Method
    1. Incorporates the “Double up Method” which is there for skilled traders and allows them to double the investment of the next trade if the current one is losing. This does open up more risk but your potential gain is also alot bigger.

Is the Epix Trader App Free?

Yes registration is free so you can evaluate it so everyone can try it out. Now Tina and Mark are in this to make money so they have added something called the Success Fee for the Epix Trader which is a subscription fee of $393 a month which will keep in after the companies upcoming IPO so if you get in during beta you will get this software for free for life which sounds good to me. The first 200 members get the software without the Success Fee.

How to Get Started With Epix Scalper Bot

To get started go to epix-trader.biz and create your free account. You will then need to deposit with the Forex broker and whatever you deposit will be your trading capital that Epix Trader will use on your behalf but the money is always yours. They only use brokers that operate with an ECN STP technology connection which means that you are dealing directly with the markets. With some non ECN brokers you are to place your trades with a dealing desk who then place the trades but this is a very slow and inefficient method for scalpers so dealing with real ECN brokers is a must. With ECN brokers the broker only makes money when you trade which all works in your favor as they want you to win and keep trading as they get a small fee from each transaction whether you win or lose so obviously they want you to win so you keep trading for a long time.

Conclusion on Epix Trader Review

Is the Epix Trader a Scam? From everything I have seen and heard about the Epix Trader software or as its also know the Epix Scalper bot I am very impressed. As you go through the presentation we are given alot of information about technical traders and alot of strategies which I can tell you are accurate and legit. My advice is to grab a spot on this Forex trading platform and preferable grab one of the free spots before they run out. Keep e posted on your progress with this Forex auto trader and I will also post my own updates and thoughts as time goes on.

Final Thought: Epix Trader looks good so grab your spot while its free

Epix offers both a Binary Options Signals App and a full auto Forex EA.

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