The much hyped Epix Trader is working well.  If you were wondering whether Epix Trader is a scam you need to read this full and impartial review.  When we first started investigating the highly acclaimed Epix Trader we had no doubt that this software is legitimate.  However, now we have tangible proof that the innovative Epix Trader has been designed to help traders.  The software is being used worldwide with great success.  It is a system that works both with Binary Options as well as with Forex.

The Epix Trader is the property of Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo.  The couple is partners in life and in business.  They are a brilliant team that has majored in FX Science and both wrote papers that have been influenced by George Soros and “The Alchemy of Finance”  They combined their skills to come up with a software that is considered to be a Forex Scalper.  The Epix Trader is an excellent trading tool that will catch a trend at its beginning and take full advantage of timing.

Epix Trader Software Review – Proof That Epix Trader is Not a Scam!

If you have been struggling with trading either Binary Options or Forex, then Epix Trader will become a game changer.  This is my impartial Epix Trader Review which arrives with in-depth research and trading results.

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Epix Trader App – Unique Features Explained

As we have explained earlier in our Epix Trader Review this is a unique software.  It is a first of its kind.  This is because the software is versatile and can be used both on the Binary options and Forex platforms.

The software has been designed to catch trends at the nick of time and take profits from perfect timing. This method of trading is called scalping.  For those of you who are new to this trading business, we will explain scalping. What is Scalping?

Scalping is a trading style.  It focuses on taking profits repeatedly on small price movements. Therefore, with the right tools, scalping can be very profitable.  This is because it requires discipline to take small profits very quickly instead of one large profit.  With the use of good scalping tools like the Epix Trader, a Forex trader will take as many small trades as possible without allowing them to evaporate.  The mentality to let your profits run is obsolete with scalping.  This is because one big loss could wipe away your account.

The team behind this software have devised the algorithm to work on:

a. Short-Term trading

b. Leveraged transactions

c. Catching trends early as they form and catching trend reversals


A Trend is Your Friend Till The End

epix trader banner
epix trader banner

The Algorithms for The  Epix Trading Software

The Epix Trader is based on the studies of the Soros Scalping methods where profits can be maximized with timing.  Soros today aged 86, is considered to be one of the world best investors.  Singlehandedly, with his scalping trading strategy in September 1992 he “broke the Bank of England” and made a tidy $1 billion in profits.  These same trading strategies are being used in the algorithm for the Epix Trader.

Naturally, it does not mean that you are going to become an overnight millionaire using the Epix Trader App.  But it does mean that you will benefit from profit short-term fast trading.

As a result of great teamwork by top analyst Tina D’Angelo and web designer Mark Evans, both postgraduates in Finance and Trading, we have the Epix Trading software.  The system makes use of four very important factors.

  1. Research of market and trader sentiment
  2. Picking the best strike rate
  3. Filters and oscillators that measure whether a market is overbought or oversold.
  4. Major News updates are managed by human resources to stall triggering signals during moments of high volatility

Therefore such important Epix Trader features guarantee that the signals are reliable.  This is because the methods are reflecting the sentiment and the mood of the market. Plus, the technical tools that execute the perfect trade are also factored in the algorithm.

Epix Trader Scores an 80% Win Rate

This win rate is considered an exceptionally high one for scalping robots.  It is also the very reason why some critics suspected that the Epix Trader is a scam.  However, the proof of the trading success can be confirmed by other legitimate bloggers and reviewers like BinaryOptionsSpot, WizzOptions, and EliteBinaryOptions.  Every single one of these bloggers has tried and tested the Epix Trader with the same overwhelming success.

The Epix Trader has been back-tested for more than a year and is now on the verge of an International Public Offering (IPO).  This is also the reason for which the software is being offered for free as an “early bird offer”.

epix trader banner

What is the Epix Trading “Early Bird Offer”?

Given that the software will be launched for an IPO in the near future, the team behind the Epix Trader want additional proof that the system works successfully for both new and seasoned traders.  Therefore, in order to get this endorsement, the system is being offered for free for the first few hundred traders.  After that, the software is being sold at the cost of $393, which to be honest is worth its weight in gold.

As such we would recommend that you hasten to subscribe and take advantage of the “early bird scheme” to avoid being charged for this software.

Epix Trader – Versatile Software for Forex and Binary

In my trading experience of over 20 years, this is the first time that I have come across a software that works on both the Forex and the Binary platforms.  Since the trading principles are identical, this software has been written to take advantage of perfect timing.

In Binary the Epix scalper signals the perfect timing to enter a trade with the correct direction. On the other hand in Forex trading the robot catches a trend early enough to help you gain enough pips in a short time frame.  The trades executed from the signals submitted by the Epix Trader are short term and fast.  This type of multiple trading ensures that a trader is left with a substantial trading profit.

The fact that this software has been programmed to work with any trading platform be it Binary or Forex means that the software is 100% legit.  Why would we make such a statement?  Very simply because scam software systems, and bogus apps, are usually rigged to accommodate very particular brokers.  Since this software works with multiple trading platforms, it has been written for the purposes of improving trading strategy, not to accommodate the scam brokers who usually finance scam software systems.


Epix Trader is A Signal Software Not An Auto-Trader for Binary

Today knowing that you are using a signal software and not an automated trading robot has become of notable importance.  This is what today differentiates between a scam and a legit system.  CySec (Cyprus Securities Commission) has been clamping down very hard on “hands-free trading”. This is in order to wipe out scam.  Fully automated trading is being abolished completely.

The reason is that an auto-trader takes control of an investor’s capital.  As a trader, your rights and privileges are compromised.  With automated trading, you are giving over your capital to someone else to trade on your behalf. This gives rise to abuse and too many people have lost substantial capital through this scam system.

Therefore, knowing that Epix Trading Software is not a remote controlled system, but an excellent tool to indicate the best trades to execute, makes it legitimate.

Is Epix Trader User-Friendly?

The software has been designed for use by both new and inexperienced traders as well as by professional traders.  The introduction of the video presentation by the team of Epix Trader states some important facts about trading

Fact: There are millions of traders worldwide who are earning profits trading Forex. A single platform could host as many as 5 million traders at one time.

Fact: Only 1% of the multi-million trading population trade on a full-time basis. The rest are trading on a part-time basis, “on the go”, or “after hours”.

Fact: In 2016, 95% of all Wall Street Trading activities have been executed by algo-trading robots.

Fiction: Trading is hard to learn and is restricted to professional traders.

There is no question that the Epix Trader has been designed for ease of use and it ideal for new traders as well as for professional use.


How To Download The Software

First of all you will need to choose whether you are going to trade on a Forex Trading Platform or a Binary Options Platform.  You may choose your trading style by clicking on the icons below:

  1. Binary Options Trading
  2. Forex Trading

Once you have opted for your favorite trading style, you need to register for the software by entering your email address and a valid phone number.  After that what is left is to fund your account with your trading capital.  Note that this is not the cost of your software, but merely a capital which you trade with in order to start seeing profits.  The software is web-based and does not require a download or optimizing with your broker’s platform.  It will download automatically once you fund your account.

Remember also that the “early bird scheme” is only available for a short time. As such if you want to take advantage of the software for free, you should download the software immediately.

Is Epix Trader A Scam? Conclusion

No Epix Trader is not a scam  In fact, on the contrary, it is a very useful tool for your trading kit.  If you are looking at trading profitably with a legitimate signal software, then you cannot do without the Epix Trading App.

Epix Trader is  Confirmed Legitimate with Proof

Thank you for taking the time to read this Epix trader review.  Strategy in trading and successful trading can only be achieved using legitimate trading tools.  We also recommend that you take our online trading course “The Secret Trader”.  This course is supported with videos explaining the best trading strategies.  Join our YouTube Channel for live trading sessions and testing of the Epix Trader.


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