If you are looking for an Epix Trader Update you are on the right page. After several weeks of testing, we are now ready to endorse Epix Trader as a 100% tried and tested, proven Forex automated software.

This signal service is totally unique. It is different to any software system to classic robots. In a recent post,  Epix Trader Binary vs Epix Trader Forex, we have gone into detail on the divergencies of this software as a signal software. In a nutshell, Epix trader can either be used as a signal software and semi-AutoTrader in binary trading. Alternatively, Epix Trader can be used as an Expert Advisor on a MT4 platform. In this case, if you are looking for a 100% hands-free solution with results, Epix Trader forex is the better alternative.

There is not a better way to demonstrate whether a software is as good as it claims, other than by testing it. If you are a Forex trader and know how to use an EA, then you will understand how simple this formula works. If you are not familiar, you may want to go through the simple steps of uploading an EA on your MT4 trading platform with a video presentation by visiting our article “How to Add Expert Advisors on MT4” trading platform.

In this Epix Trader Update, we will demonstrate how we have come to the conclusion that Epix Trader Forex is the best trading solution – even better than Epix Binary.

You may be asking why is the same software performing better in forex than in binary? The answer is very simple – it is all about TIMING! The restriction with binary trading is always the expiry time. I have encountered many circumstances whereby I miss a trade for just one pip and just one second. This is not an issue with Forex Trading. Time is not of an issue – the trend is allowed to properly develop and is closed once it starts reversing and not before. It is a win-win situation.

I have been trading for a number of years and have always preferred to trade forex over binary. Simply because I have more control over my trading! Trading binary is an easier option for new traders. However, if you are planning to make a living out of trading, then Forex is the only serious option for trading.

Forex Trading is Difficult – Dispel the Myth

In this article dealing with the Epix Trader Update, we need to specifically dispel the myth that Forex Trading is difficult. Let us be 100% clear. Once you install the Epix Trader EA on your MT4 trading platform, there is nothing else that you need to do, other than cash in on the profits.

Epix Trader Forex is an auto-trader. It selects the best trading opportunities and kicks in to automatically take trades. It also closes trades once there is a trend change. The algorithms of this software are such that it picks the trend as it forms and leaves it as it reverses.

If you wish to go into forex training without a financial commitment, we recommend that you open a demo account with eToro. The advantages of a demo account are obvious. You can afford to learn to trade without any financial risk. Furthermore, eToro have a number of products such as “Copy Trader” which allows you to dedicate part of your portfolio to copy trades of professional traders with proven results.


Where to Start with Epix Trader Forex

Everything is explained in this Epix Trader update.   The Epix Trader Forex is an Expert Advisor. As explained above, it is programmed in such a way that it automatically executes trades. This is based on the fundamental analysis of trend development.   Epix Trader forex is a sophisticated tool that works with success on an MT4 platform.

Here is how you can get the Epix Trader Forex

  1. Register for your Epix Trader license through EpixTraderForex
  2. Open an Account with a Forex Broker that is recommendable for your area.
  3. Download the MT4 trading platform
  4. Download the Epix Trader EA
  5. Upload the EA on your MT4 trading platform and you are good to go
  6. Epix Trader will now trade for you.

I have to be correct and make a disclaimer. This is not, in any case, any pressure to sign up with Epix Trader Forex. Many have been gaining with Epix Trader Binary. However, just as I always have a responsibility to warn you against scam software systems and scam brokers, so do I have the opportunity to let you know when a software works. And Epix Trader Forex does work.

Epix Trader Update – Results

The bottom line is that results speak for themselves. This was my trading strategy. I registered for the license and just made a minimum deposit in order to kick-start my account.

I went on to test the software on a demo account on a regular MT4 trading platform. Demo accounts can be downloaded for free with a regulated broker.

Therefore before committing my capital, I tested out Epix Trader on a Demo Account. The capital growth that I experienced on a demo (with an independent broker to ensure that the software is not rigged) WAS IMPRESSIVE. I am attaching below my initial results before I went live with my trading capital.

epix trader update forex

Demo Trading Results


Live Trading Charts

My next step was to go live. As you can see from my trading below – my account of 5000 dollars actually doubled in value in just two weeks of trading. Although it may not be considered as an overnight success, when one considers that this software is working on auto-pilot, then I think that these are excellent results.

Epix Trader update article is also dedicated to showing you that the EA executes a very clever money management system. This is yet another key to its incredible success.

Epix Trader Update – Risk Management – Essential Feature

If you know anything about trading, you will appreciate how important money management is. New traders opt for binary options trading because they know ahead of the extent of their loss or gain. Forex obviously works differently because the “expiry element” is not present. However, with Forex you are in a position to determine when you close a trade and “take profit” or “stop-loss”

Unless a trader puts the cap or the plugs on trading, the potential profits and losses are limitless. For these reasons, it is quintessential to apply proper money management in Forex.

However, this risk equation is taken out with Epix Trader Forex. This is because the software has an inbuilt “take profit” and “stop loss” function. The profits are pre-locked and the losses are capped at a quota of pips.

The locking device on the trading, if there are losses, is such that your original capital is safeguarded. However, as traders, we would like to see our capital grow and not stay static. So far the Epix trader update shows that there has been an exponential growth in capital. Therefore, we see no reason why the performance of Epix Trader forex should not continue in the same uptrend.

Epix Trader Update – Analysis and Conclusion

The only downside that we have found – also through the many emails of subscribers is that Epix Trader Forex is not available in all countries. Should you be encountering these problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have other tailor made solutions in Forex Trading for people from anywhere worldwide.

The license for Epix Trader is so far available for free. It is expected that the software will carry a license fee of $393 in the coming weeks. The software is being issued for an IPO and therefore will carry a cost. Honestly speaking, given the trading results, even at a cost the Epix Trading software is worth investing in, as the cost will be won back after a few days of trading.

Given the recent trading performance with Epix Trader, we feel confident in recommending this software to anyone who is serious enough to want to take trading as a manner by which to supplement income with forex trading.


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