Epix Trader software was released just a couple of days ago and boy has it ever made a huge impact. Never before have we seen such an efficient and profitable automated trading program as this one. The Epix Trader program has managed to generate thousands in dollars of cash in both binary options and Forex trading, yet it has only been in existence for a few days.

We were a little bit weary of this new software at first, but once we started using it we had no choice but to agree with everyone else out there. Epix Trader software is indeed a fantastic program that any day trader or professional can use to make a great income. Whether you are trading in Forex, binary options, or both, this program will help you do so with the help of groundbreaking algorithms and trading strategies.

In all our time of being Forex and BO experts, we have seriously never seen a program as reliable, functional, or profitable as Epix Trader software. This is a true powerhouse in the world of trading and it has already begun to change the way that people look at both Forex and Binary options. We are here to do an updated Epix Trader scam review, not because it is a scam, but because it is one of the very rare programs out there that is actually credible and legitimate. The main reason for this update is because some people have been a little confused as to how Epix Trader software works, so keep reading so we can explain it to you in detail!

What Is Epix Trader Software?

If you did not already know, Epix Trader software is a brand new automated trading robot with fantastic results. It actually works for both binary options and foreign exchange trading, which is of course a huge bonus. This is one of the most advanced pieces of automated trading software out there, one which has great ITM rates and big profit margins too.

This is also a very safe trading tool, one that helps to minimize your risk of lost funds. In this updated review, we want to focus on a few key aspects, one of those aspects being how exactly it works to generate a profit for you. So, let’s go over all of the different components which make Epix Trader software as functional and successful as it is.



Epix Trader – The Theory Of Reflexivity

You may be familiar with a guy named George Soros, a world leading economist, trader, market analyst, and all around financial guru. Mr. Soros has been around for a good number of decades now, and in that time he managed to write several economic theory books. George’s book entitled “The Alchemy Of Finance”, is a worldwide best seller thanks to its fresh take on economics and trading. Well, Epix Trader software has its roots in this book, to be exact, in Soros’ theory of reflexivity.

This theory of reflexivity is very important when it comes to The Epix Trader Program. It states that the market tends to move towards disequilibrium, as opposed to the widely held belief that it tends towards equilibrium. Furthermore, this theory holds that trader bias and misconceptions influence the way people execute trades. This in turn causes even more market bias and widening misconceptions which influence the market in very adverse ways. In the end, George talks about an endless bias feedback loop which continues to affect the market in disproportional ways.

You may wonder what exactly this all has to do with Forex and binary options trading, so let us tell you. The takeaway here is that most trading programs tend to focus on trends, and thus stake all of their, or actually all of your money, on trends. This is not what Mr. Soros says is right, and indeed it is not what the Epix Trader program does.

Yes, Epix Trader software does focus on trends because they are fairly important, but where it really blows the competition out of the water is that it also specializes in trend reversals. This is in order to counter bias and misconceptions in the market by recognizing when trends reverse, ultimately making Epix Trader able to make big profits.


Epix Trader Software – Scalping

The Theories of George Soros are not the only things which make Epix Trader software as highly successful as it is. Another big part of what makes this automated trading software so amazing is that it is also based on the time tested principle of diversification. When it comes to binary options and Forex, portfolio diversification is most often referred to as scalping.

You see, most trading robots tend to make a few big trades in a day, which means that each trade can make a big profit, but there is also a big chance of suffering a big loss. There is also the fact that only a few trades per day are being executed. This is not how Epix Trader software works, not at all. This program uses the method of scalping or diversification which has made many stock traders and shareholders around the world as rich as they are.

In both Forex and Binary Options, the scalping trading method is all about making dozens or even hundreds of small trades every single day. These trades usually have minimal investments and they only last for a very short amount of time. In the case of Epix Trader software, the time limit on trades is anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes, which is not very long as you may recognize.

The point here is that while the profits on each trade are minimal, those several dozen or hundred trades add up really quick. This scalping method is very effective because it does minimize the inherent risk of trading. Sure, The Epix Trader Program may lose a trade here and there, but the investment in each is minimal, therefore losses are also kept low, plus there are more than enough trades made in a day to make up for the occasional loss.




The Epix Trader Program – Three Big Algorithms

Now that we have covered what methods Epix Trader software uses and what theories it holds to as a basis for trading, let’s talk about the actual algorithms which make it function at such a high efficiency. This program consists of three main algorithms, each of which do their part in unison, in order to provide you with the best possible trading outcomes, better than you have ever seen before.

Algorithm #1

This first algorithm is extremely important, and it is the one which identifies trends and trader sentiment in the market. This is of course very important because understanding where trends are heading and what other traders are doing is crucial when looking to make your net trade. Not only does Epix Trader look at trader sentiment and trends, but it also has an additional filter which looks at the trade volume of the most popular trends at the moment. This helps to determine the volatility of the market, trends, sentiment, stop-losses, and possible profit takes too.

Algorithm #2

This algorithm is actually very complex, so we aren’t going to bore you with the technical details, but you should definitely know what its function is. This algorithm works to determine what the best strike rates are. It does this by using simple support and resistance levels which are analyzed to come up with the best possible strike rates, something that is crucial when trying to make profitable Forex or binary options trades.

Algorithm #3

This third and final algorithm present in the machinery of Epix Trader software is one which utilizes oscillators. You will remember how we talked about trend reversals. These oscillators which are incorporated into the programming are meant to identify trend reversal as they are happening, or even before they are happening. This third algorithm also eliminates spike anomalies from data for a more concise picture of what is going on in the market, plus it helps to extract very reliable and up to date pattern information as well.


**Something Extra**

The final thing which you should know about when it comes to the trading style of Epix Trader software is actually not about an algorithm, but still important none the less. Epix Trader does a great job at analyzing market conditions and an even better job at keeping current news and financial news updates incorporated. Big news events can change everything and cause prices to either skyrocket or plummet, things you will be prepared for thanks to Epix Trader software.


Epix Trader Update Conclusion

We know that we didn’t really cover anything else other than strategy here, but knowing how Epix Trader software works will give you a better idea of what you are getting yourself into. This is a program with great ITM rates, a fantastic team of experts behind it, awesome reliability, credible brokers, and of course very high profits too. Now that you understand exactly how Epix Trader works, you might want to give it a serious try!

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