Not only is the market becoming more and more competitive these days, customers are becoming harder to please. Customers are no longer satisfied with excellent products, but they also look for quality customer service. And that can only come from the skills and abilities of the ones that are responsible for providing it. Companies may realize the importance of good customer service, but unless their employees possess certain essential skills, the quality of service provided may not be enough to register in customers’ minds.

Here are some essential skills that customer service reps need to really win customers over.

1. The right mindset and attitude of serving people because without them, you’ll easily get tired of dealing with customers’ problems. Most likely you’ll only do the bare minimum needed to keep your job. You need to have a caring and helpful attitude, with genuine concern for a customer’s needs.

2. The right personality. You need to be personable, friendly, amiable, and generally pleasant. Just imagine if you weren’t and you had to deal with a difficult customer.

3. Good manners. Simple courtesy and politeness will go a long way. Greeting customers, using their names, and thanking them for their business are simple gestures that have significant impacts on how a customer feels about your company and your service.

4. Self-confidence. People who are self-confident will give off an aura of confidence helping customers believe and be assured that something will be done about their concerns and problems.

5. Honesty. There are people who would over-promise to an irate customer just to appease them. But by not delivering on the promise, the customer’s confidence in the company will definitely plummet. It’s better to come clean and simply try to help the customer by finding someone else who can handle their problem.

6. Thinking outside the box. There will be times where you encounter unusual situations that aren’t in the company guidelines where you will need to think quickly in order to help the customer with his needs. People who can think outside of the box will not limit themselves and their options and simply give up on the customer.

7. Flexibility and adaptability. What works for one customer may not exactly work for another so don’t try to force a customer to accept generic help but instead address each customer’s specific needs with the appropriate solution.

8. Understanding the golden rule of treating others as how you would want to be treated.
Some of these skills may come naturally to some people while other may have to work to develop or improve them. But regardless of that, these skills will definitely help anyone who wants to have a successful career in customer service.

Source by Peter Smith