1.The training is quite interesting and illuminating,straight to the point and has fired up my enthusiasim about establishing a snail farm as soon as possible.

Mrs.I.Ogare,Lekki,Lagos State.

2.The training is concise but all-emcompassing.

Mr.Paul Ezidiegwu,EnuguState.

3.The training is very exciting,fully educative and very enlightening.I already feel like a snail farmer.It covers all aspects of snail life.The most exciting aspect for me is the free-range housing system for snails.

More grease to your elbow.

Mrs. Olatoye.E.A ,Lagos State.

4.The training has opened my eyes to the secrets of successful snail farming in Nigeria.With this enlightenment I can go into snail farming with God by my side.

Mrs Chinyere Nwatu,
Trade Fair,Badagry Express Way,Lagos.

5.The training was well explained,its really motivates me to start the business right away.And I encourage as many people as possible to take this opportunity and get educated in this line of business.

Mrs. Bukola Adebanjo, Ikeja,Lagos.

6.The training was quite educating and stimulating.An interesting seminar.

Dr.(Mrs) Guobadia, Badore,Lagos State.

7.I thank God for craping this ample opportunity for attending a lucrative practical seminar on snail farming.The seminar is interesting,what I have been taught is more than the fees collected.After all,I was able to grasp the idea I have been craving for,for the past 5 years.It is wonderful.

Prince Remilekun,Sango Ota,Ogun State.

8.The seminar is quite interesting and an eyes opener for anyone that wants a better life.If you need a better thing to invest your money in better not let this opportunity pass you bye.See you at the top.

Mr.Gbenga Oriwe, Oju – Ore,Ogun State.

9.I was thinking Mr.Ismail AbdulAzeez would feed me with the information I already have,including the ones I got online but I was proven wrong.Now,I know one thing.He is here to make you know what you can not find anywhere and also to enlighten and enrich you.

Mr.Kunle Abdulkabir,Surulere,Lagos.

10.This is comprehensive and understood.It is aslo very interested.

Mr.B.O.Tomori, Ilorin,Kwara State.

These are the comments of snail farming training attendees at The Thy Consulting.For more help on snail farming in Nigeria visit:  www.thethyconsulting.com

Source by Ismail AbdulAzeez