Crypto Scams are on the rise.  Read this Ethereum Code scam review before your trust your hard-earned investments to these fraudsters. The Ethereum Code software is nothing but an orchestrated trick scraping off the name of Ethereum which has recently forked and therefore high on Google search.  If you are wondering whether the is a scam you have arrived on the right page.  In this scam review on Ethereum Code, we will detail the tactics used to trick you into investing.  Tricks, that, if you are a newbie you will certainly miss.  Keep your money safe and refrain from investing in this automated trader that will do nothing but goggle your cash.

Do not be fooled by the smart-looking website created to promote the Ethereum Code system.  If you are a newbie you can be forgiven if are taken in by this well-orchestrated scam.  However, if you have a closer look at the site, you will find so many inaccuracies and false statements that you will soon change your mind.  It is for this reason that we have prepared a thorough investigation on this site.

For starters, there is nothing on earth that will be given to you for free and which will make you an overnight millionaire.  The Ethereum Code program claims that you will have instant riches if you use this software.  We would advise one simple caution.  If something looks too good to be true, it probably is not.

It would appear that the developers of this software have spent a pretty penny setting up this site.  It also follows, that there is no free meal in life, that this must be a catch.  Never judge a book by its cover, and never judge a software by its website.  A good software system must be judged by the real-life results it produces, and by the verified testimonials of real traders.

Real Traders and Reviewers – What is their Opinion of the Ethereum Code App?

Before I go through a list of reasons why I think that the Ethereum Code App is nothing but a fraud, I would like to quote from three trustworthy reviews:

  1. Binary Options Army describes Ethereum Code as being suspicious at the very least.  $5000 a day in profits cannot be merited unless you are prepared to invest bigger thousands.
  2. Binary Options Spot  says that does not merit a second glance.  It is hyped up and the sole reason for its existence is to loot its victims.
  3. Prestige Binary Options have been somewhat more generous and granted the Ethereum Code App review a two-star rating instead of one star as the previous sites.

Ethereum Code Trading App has been receiving a plethora of negative reviews.  Whenever and before, we label any software system as a scam, we do have a good look around and see whether our opinion is justified.  We do not just slam any software and trading system as being a scam.  We want to deliver a justified review.

Ethereum Code

Can you really make $3000 – $5000 a day with the Ethereum Code Winning System?

24option banner broker registration

The Ethereum Code Auto Trader boasts a winning rate that is absolutely impossible.  If truth be told, the Ethereum Coin has recently suffered a huge setback due to technical details resulting from its fork just earlier this week.  A report from CoinDesk detailing the new Ethereum upgrade to the Byzantium technology details extreme caution.

The new upgraded technology for Ethereum has developed some bugs and the original designer of Etherum Vitalik Buterin has advised caution for large transactions.  Naturally, this does not mean that the bugs in the nodes will not eventually be ironed out in the real world. However, it implies that even the timing of the Ethereum Code system is wrong.  The developers did not do their proper due diligence before launching this software on the market.

You will not achieve a Donald Trump kind of wealth with this scam app.  The testimonials are fake and the evidence of winning trades has been tampered with.

Ethereum code

Fake Counters with Limited Spots Available – Fake Actors

There is seriously nothing more tell tale than a software system that creates a false sense of urgency.  It is a complete red flag.  A high incidence of scam sites uses this tactic in order to grab attention and hasten decisions.  Therefore, if you are a new trader, do not be taken in by this false move.  I invite you to switch off your computer and clear your cookies. Then log in again to the scam website and you will find that the spots are running at maximum availability once again.

If it is not enough to use shameful tactics like fake counters, the Ethereum code scam uses also the services of Fiverr actors, who give false testimonials of their gains with this system.  The actor in case has been overexposed in a number of scams!

Recognise this dude?  He was exposed by us on the Bahama Banker Scam.  He now features again in the Ethereum Scam as a successful winner!

Bahama Banker scam review. Fake testimonials

Money-Back Guarantee is a False Promise by Jad Baker


The website claims that should you not be satisfied with your product you can have a 2-month money back guarantee.  Our strong advice is one.  Do not for a minute believe this.  You are not paying anything to download this App, and therefore you will be given nothing back.  The minimum deposit which you will invest (and definitely lose) is your trading capital.

The trading capital is being placed with a fraudulent exchange or trading platform that has made prior arrangements with the developers.  The software is designed to make you lose your capital fast.  You will obviously receive a call from one of the goons that work with the broker. They will ask you for another chance because you will be able to recover your losses.  Very likely, you will try to spend good money chasing bad money.  You will lose some more.

The bottom line is that you will end up investing with fake and scam brokers who have made prior agreements with fake developers and who will split the spoils.

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The Ethereum Code Review Conclusion

The membership bonus offered by Ethereum Code is yet another illegal catch!  If you fall for this gimmick and take the $1000 bonus, you will only be locking your account.  Please do read the warning about the illegality of taking bonuses in trading.

Basically, the small print says.  If you take a $1000 bonus, you will not be able to withdraw your capital or profits before you turn over your account 20 times the value of your capital and bonus. This is a guarantee that you will have lost your money in the meantime.

At this point, we have given you enough warnings and evidence to show you that the Ethereum Code Software is nothing by a Scam.

Please do leave a comment in the comment box if you have had any experience with this software.  Sharing is caring.

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