Living in Miami is the dream of many, but those who can afford it sometimes need something closer to the sky. The reason is simple, living here without taking advantage of the height the buildings offer is like wasting one of nature’s most precious gifts to enjoy, the views.

If you are thinking of moving to the city’s exclusive properties and still can’t decide given that its variety and beauty can be so extensive that happens to be overwhelming, you can start by checking these 5 exclusive properties we found for you.

With a sophisticated combination of luxurious and modern design, this property offers its residents the opportunity to have a space in the heart of the city transformed into a personal oasis with private beach club, pool club, sports area for tennis, picnic, BBQ and basketball plus a property signature Ipad 2 that facilitate the access to the property’s services and amenities.

Aria On The Bay

Rising in front of the bay, this residential development offers your sight a unique and dazzling atmosphere to enjoy the best sundown and sunsets from the comfort of home. This property features a luxurious swimming pool, children’s play area, plus a tennis, basketball and volleyball court, to keep fit and entertained without having to stray far from the residence.

Grand Paraiso Residences

Within walking distance of the Arts District, this property gives access to Michael Schwartz’s famous restaurant and beach club. Its ocean views complements the experience of enjoying delicious warm breezes every morning. Additional to these advantages Grand Paraiso has a variety of abstract sculptures spread throughout the property combining diverse cultures and giving the residence a touch of modernity with extreme luxury.

Reserve Marina Palms

Located further to the south of the city we find the Reserve Marina Palms a property that enjoys all the coastal life including a yacht club with activities ranging from Jet Ski to kayak and a private parking for yacht owners. If the search for a space to relax is necessary to rest from the stress of everyday work the building’s sauna and spa is the ideal touch to convince you that this property is the ideal one to invest in.

Icon South Beach

Boasting 40 floors above Biscayne Bay, the architect Philippe Starck has created a luxurious space called Icon South Beach which offer an unparalleled lifestyle and unique water and city views from all units. Its custom cabinets and elegant kitchens with granite countertops and marble or porcelain floors in every room deliver a sense of refine sophistication and every step you take into the property make you feel every effort made to purchase it was absolutely worth it.

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