There are many exercises that can help you gain those inches in height and most of them do not require too much effort to start out.

Pay heed to these tips and exercise seriously if you are serious about getting taller.

Stretch your spine. You should do front and side crunches regularly. In addition to flattening your stomach and giving you 6 pack abs, it will also stretch out your spinal column and this will help in increasing your height. Toe touches will also help in a similar manner and these exercises are quite easy to do but only if you do them without any jerks.

Hit the road or make a splash. You should sprint or cycle your way to great heights. Swimming too is an excellent exercise that can help burn away stubborn fat while stretching out your limbs. Sprinting, swimming and cycling will compel you to stretch out your hands and legs, and this will help you to increase your height even while losing fat and becoming fit at the same time.

Defy gravity by hanging from your fingers and ankles. You can also try hanging from your fingers on any horizontal bar in your gym. On the other hand, hanging by your ankles while lying with your head on the lower side on an inclined bench too will help defy gravity and pull your spine and limbs apart safely. These should be done under the supervision of your gym instructor and only for the time specified.

Play games. Games such as tennis, baseball and basketball will require you to twist and stretch out your spine. This will result in your lumbar cartilages stretching out and thus resulting in a taller you. By playing these games regularly you will not only increase your height but also get proficiency in such games and this will help boost your confidence too.

Source by Rahul Talwar