Although most of us have the ubiquitous dogs or cats as household pets, there are others who would prefer something a little more unusual or exotic. These days, people are more likely to have some rare snake in the home than just about anything else. Spiders and any kind of reptile have also become popular and, as such, the owner often wants a photograph or two to commemorate their beloved pet.

For the photographer, this can sometimes cause a few problems but most of these are surmountable. For example, with a pet that is considered to be dangerous, the photographer may well have to shoot the photograph through glass since he should not be put at risk for any reason.

In the case of snakes, they are often most comfortable when they have been fed recently so this is also a good way to ensure that they are a little docile when the photographer wants to undertake the shoot.

If the snake is very unpredictable though, and the owner is the person who will know this for sure, setting up a natural looking scene inside the tank is probably the best way to pose the snake for a great photo.

Of course, the photographer may well be able to take these shots from a distance with a powerful zoom lens too and this would prelude the need for a glass partition between the subject and him. If these photos are to be taken outside, there may be need for several people who are used to snakes to be on hand to stop it escaping etc.

The same goes for spiders and some of these have lethal bites. Again, safety is paramount in these cases so the photographer will normally advise on what the best mode of placing the subject will be. The owner will obviously be needed to calm and take care of the pet and he may also want to be in the shot too which makes life easier all round.

What many owners do not realize is that the photographer can really take some quite candid and unusual shots which will certainly show off all the attributes of the pet to perfection. Colors will look starting on some of these shots and the lighting may well show off the pet to full advantage. However, the pet should be in prime condition for the photographer to produce the best photographs.

These photos can be taken in the home, garden or even in the studio. For studio shots, the photographer can stage a backdrop specifically for the pet and this sometimes gives better results for lighting etc. Either way though, it is vital that the pet is calm, fed and familiar with the kind of surroundings it is to be photographed in.

Although people think that reptiles etc have no personality, they do have particular injuries that the photographer can catch under the right circumstances. The incredible detail that he can pick up in their skin, feathers or scales makes having photographs like these done well worth while.

Source by Geordie Parkin