Strobes light are high intensity flashing lights used for various purposes. It finds its application in most of the daily routines of our life. From the mini flash of a mobile phone to warning lights of police vehicle, they are all around us. They impart various sign symbols or simply visual aid to us in darkness. Sometime   Continuous strobe light and sometime flashing strobe lights are used.

Exterior Strobe lights are generally seen in big tow trucks, multiplexes where an additional visual aid is required. This helps during winter when fog layer makes it unable to see through it. At that time external strobe lights play vital role in providing visibility.

According to study at UK States University, exterior strobe light with red and blue colour is easily detected. While white light of equal intensity is poorest in getting detected by drivers at daytime. This study therefore lead to making of most of the exterior strobe with combination of blue and red colour. Exterior strobe light have a key property of providing the visibility at 360 degree with very few LEDs and also it consumes very low power.

Latest technology of exterior strobes light includes incandescent bulb and quartz diode that emit a clear high intensity of light or flashes at regular interval of time. The number of flashes per second may go up to 10 to 12 per second in exterior strobes light. This high rate of flashes may produce hazardous effects such as glare or fits or in certain cases may lead to nervous breakdown leading to paralysis. Apart from its disadvantage exterior strobe light play a vital role in Photography where all round illumination is required for short span. Theatrical effects or special effects are also produced due to use of different type of exterior strobe light. In some countries exterior strobes are used as fog light and in some cases to make a warning to other drivers on road. Postal vehicles in most of the countries use such a strobe light for various reasons. Some of the reason includes the awareness of other drivers to recognize the vehicle from far distance and give way for it to pass. Other reason may deal with the property of exterior strobe   light to illuminate at 360 degree.

Exterior strobe light is sometimes used in or out of the house for security reasons.  It provides high intensity light which makes all round visible. Most of the casino in Los Angeles use high intensity exterior strobe for entertainment and creating joyful environment around their place. Some types of strobe lights are mounted on vehicle for different issues like clearing traffic. They are mounted to the back of vehicle for rear view. With the advent of technology, exterior strobes light have change from gas discharge to LED and now xenon flash bulbs are used for ultra visibility. Infrared imaging is also incorporated with strobe light for ultra visual aid during night time.

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