Money is no doubt a basic requirement in today's life and the activities that the younger generation of today indulge in, only makes money very dear. Money speaks, and can be regarded as the only language of all generation – young and old.

Mark Zuckerberg started the million dollar social networking site and became an over-night sensation. This teenage genius paved the way for his fellow mates to make a few bucks of their own.

Many may scratch their head over how to gain some extra bucks, but who knew that they had the money-making machine right in their fingertips.

The most popular social networking site has an announcement section which is an open invitation to make your pockets a little heavy and can take advantage of the ad serving platform.

While millions across the globe spend their precious time just chatting and having fun with their friends, there are several others who are minting their own sweet money.

There are three basic steps that you must know to get started.

Step 1: Presentation

Presentation matters the most. Once signed up with Facebook, you need to make yourself presentable, not just to your friend and family but to the near entity globe.

There are different views concerning the presentation factor.

There are people abhor fake identity and take pride in their individuality. They put up their hobbies and skills; share a little knowledge and experience and just this might be enough to trigger the money making button. There might be people in the networking-site who want the combination of qualities that you possess and hire you for their blogs, or their specific genre of work.

Another great deal is to use Facebook to promote a website or a blog that you have created and create links so that people might visit. This creates traffic and the more the traffic you generate, the more money you can make. Also you can install Google AdSense into your website or blog and follow their schemes to have some ready cash in your hand.

Step 2: Niche

You must accept that you can not attract all sections of people. There are certain groups who will be interested in your piece of work. You must identify them and create content that will attract them. It is recommended that you develop the niche which interests you and make it a strong point.

Step 3: Marketing

Marketing yourself is of the utmost importance and the Marketplace provides just that, where you can place unlimited free ads.

You can place the ad of a product that you see on eBay or maybe at a yard sale, sell it and make an easy profit.

Social ads require the investment of a little cash and if you have some credit to your name, you can even place them and earn benefits.

Why Facebook?

Facebook has its own share of benefits. On becoming a member of the site, you can create and utilize any number of applications to edit, update and transform your profile page.

Facebook allows users to link their blogs, websites through its pages and support their cause. People who build new applications can also advertise them through their profiles and ad sections in Facebook.


Before everything, branding yourself is necessary. Make a careful group of acquaintances and friends and share with them, the interests of your field of expertise. Exposure to more number of people will help generate more money.

You must avoid scamming people and only preach what you practice.

Source by Ankhi B Choudhury