This is the second time that we are doing a Facebook On Fire scam review and it is not because we like the program at all. The unfortunate reality is that hundreds and thousands of people are continuing to fall for this outrageous scam. The leader of this junk money stealing scheme is a man who calls himself Joseph Magnum. Rest assured that this guy does not really exist and he is definitely not the real person behind this Facebook On Fire scam.

There is a whole lot of suspicious activity going on here, with tons of lies and false promises that just cannot be real at all. We are actually told that this Facebook On Fire app can generate over $1,000 per day, and we don’t even have to do anything to make this happen. Apparently, the Facebook On Fire system takes advantage of some sort of loophole within Facebook, the popular social media platform.

You need to be aware of the fact that while this scam may look very simple and non-threatening, it has already stolen tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars from innocent people like yourselves. It is our hope that we can raise awareness about this thieving Facebook On Fire scam with our reviews. Make no mistake about it, this scam might not look that bad, but it has taken so much money from people. Keep reading this Facebook On Fire scam review update to find out exactly why this scam is so dangerous and why you need to stay away from it.


Facebook On Fire System – The Cost

One of the first glaring signs that this Facebook On Fire program is a scam is the fact that they charge $47 to use the system. The issue here is that $47 does not seem like a very high cost at all. Think of it this way, people do not give away free money. Paying just $47 to use a program that can generate over $1,000 per day every single day, just does not seem right. It would cost a lot more to use this Facebook On Fire system if it actually did what it advertises.

You see, $47 for most people is not very much, so they are willing to take the risk, which is one of the biggest reasons why this scam has not gone away for the past several months. Sure, $47 might not be a lot to lose, but you will lose it if you pay it, plus for these crooks, that amount of money from thousands of people adds up to a whole lot of cash real quick.


Facebook On Fire Program – Only Complaints

Another telltale sign that the Facebook On Fire app is a total rip off is how the internet is full of complaints about it. The only place where you can find anything positive being said about this system is on the main website itself. Hint, the user testimonials on the website are completely fabricated and made up out of thin air.

Other than that, you can’t find a single good word about this Facebook On Fire system anywhere. There are tons of complaints from unhappy people who have lost their investment thanks to this terrible scam. Every single review online from anybody that has used this Facebook On Fire system is negative in every way imaginable. If this system were the real deal, there would be lots of good things said about it by third parties, but there isn’t.

Fake Facebook On Fire User Testimonials

Yet another surefire way of telling that this Facebook On Fire system is a scam is thanks to all of the fabricated user testimonials. Like we said before, the official website for this scam is filled with positive user testimonials. The problem is that they are all made up and not genuine in the least. All of the Facebook On Fire user testimonials you see have been written by the very same crooks trying to sell us on this ludicrous scam.

The images of people you see are nothing more than stolen pictures from various websites. We have seen many of these people being used for fake testimonials and other sales campaigns before. They are not real and they are not to be trusted. It is just a cheap trick meant to make it look like the Facebook On Fire app is reliable when it is really nothing of the sort.


Facebook On Fire System – What Does It Do?

Now, we are told that the Facebook On Fire app exposed some kind of loophole in Facebook which allows us to make over $1,000 with ease. Supposedly, this is money that is owed to us and it is taken right out of Mark Zuckerberg’s pockets. Do you really think that the owner and creator of Facebook would allow thousands of people to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from him? If money were actually being taken from him, you can be sure that he would have put a stop to this mess a very long time ago.

Clearly the money is not coming out of his pocket and it is not coming from anywhere at all. There has never been a single person who has made a profit with this Facebook On Fire scam. This is as good as the evidence gets in terms of proving that the Facebook On Fire app is a scam. You will never see a single penny in profits if you make the mistake of getting involved with this fraudulent cash grabbing scam. Seriously, what is this loophole and how is it being exposed? Such a vague and nonsensical explanation is not nearly enough to convince us of its merits, especially seeing as no one has ever profited using this Facebook On Fire system.

Facebook On Fire Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that the Facebook On Fire app is a total rip off and you need to stay as far away from it as you possibly can!

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