You might have heard a lot about FAP Turbo software which claims it can make you thousands, even when you are asleep. Looks too good be true, isn’t it? I will review to you if it truly works or some kind of scam. The fact is that smart software like that could really be seen, even though they exist, but they are hard to come across. First and foremost, let me make you understand what FAP Turbo is all about and the way it functions. FAP Turbo is simply a robot-driven program that can trade forex for you on autopilot.

When you install FAP Turbo on your pc, feed it to your Metatrader 4 platform and set it to trade for you. It will begin to trade for you. It is no guesswork software, rather it will take its time to analyze the market for you based on its mathematical algorithms and human intelligence built into it. It is a product of 9 years research and testing initiated by 3 forex professional traders, so you are not getting a product from ordinary forex trading. It reacts according to market conditions; this is the way it was programmed to respond.

People are really making money with this robot while some are losing money with it. Why is some making money with it while others are losing with it? The answer to this answer is simple. Some people buy the robot without experimenting it to see how best it works. When you buy FAP Turbo, it comes with an instruction video which you should read first before placing any live trade. After reading the manual, you are supposed to trade first using a demo account before live trading. A serious forex trader should always know that whenever he gets a new forex strategy, he should test it first using a demo account to see how it best works. The essence of the demo testing is for you to see whether you can adjust its settings. It comes with a default setting, as you know nothing changes. Watching its instruction video will unveil to you a lot and enable you to make the best out of this software.

The success rate of using FAP Turbo stands at 95.67%, meaning if you know what you are doing with it you can make a lot of money using it. Its drawdown is 0.35%. FAP Turbo doesn’t cost much and if you start to use it you could make back the money you invested into it in few weeks, if not days. FAP Turbo is easy to use and it takes about 15 minutes to install it and start using it.

Source by Osita Modozie