To be honest, I was really skeptical to check this new  program called Forex FapTurbo. Though, the live testing results that the testers expose on program’s main website made me quite concerned to discover more about it.  So, I risked to accept the money back guarantee of the tool and ordered it. After testing Fap Turbo for a couple of weeks now, I am going to tell you about some of the options of this software and my test results achieved with it.

In fact, it is a special tool that can be integrated into the Forex trading platform Metatrader which you can get for free. This sort of software robot is also referred as an Expert Advisor in the foreign exchange business. Overall, forex FAP Turbo robot trades by itself as it has a set of internally programmed rules that dictate the way it makes trades. Some of these automatic robots that have proven to be very profitable, however you should also know that more than 85 percents of robots are of no avail when traded on a live account, hereat you should research warily before making any purchases.

This automated robot  is created by three IT masters who are very knowledgeable in currency trading. It is a much more profit-making version of the previous most powerful robot Forex Autopilot created by Marcus Leary. This new Fap Turbo Robot uses much more tighter risk controls.

In the space of one week of testing on my virtual account, the robots made 28 trades and 27 of them were profitable (96% accuracy rate). I used a basic capital of $1,000 and it ended the week on $1,175. Instantly I started using the robot to my real account and at present it is generating income similar to that of my virtual account.

Source by Sergey