The FAP Turbo scalping strategy is an unparalleled system that commonly executes 1 to 5 trades daily. The purpose of these trades is to capture a small take profit of about 6 to 10 pips when the market is stable enough.

Trades are not made during the daytime and trades are not done during Fridays. The scalper strategy is very safe due to its low value stop loss limit and advanced algorithm which closes trades in accordance with inner indicators.

In order to protect your account from cheating on the broker’s side, there is a stealth mode. In this mode, the stop loss values are not revealed to your broker.

Scalper strategy works with EUR/GPB, EUR/CHF, GBP/CHF or USD/CAD currency pairs on M15 timeframe solely.

Strong points:

•Very secure. It has an internal fixed stop loss with laser-precise trading signals so the risk is very minimal and the draw down is quite low.

•Highly profitable. Despite the fact the take profit value is rather modest, it is extremely profitable. You could virtually double your deposit in a matter of weeks even while trading safe lots.

The weak points are:

•Scalper strategy has very minuscule take profit from about 6 to 15 pips, so it is real sensible to the spread size. If your broker gives you an unusually large spread (for instance spread 8-15 for EUR/GBP or more as opposed to a normal 2-4) then this strategy will have a difficult time trading. It would actually miss a lot of the trade or may not even trade at all. You should check with your broker for the size of the spread!

•Scalper strategy does not operate well with crazy market circumstances. When the currency pair has an unusually strong trend or very high volatility, it is suggested that you stay away from trading on such days.

Source by Paul R Wilson