You can easily make money through article marketing. Aside from the fact that this tool can help you augment your sales and revenue, it will also let you save thousands of dollars for your advertising cost, as you can use it absolutely for free (as long as you will be the one writing and submitting your articles online).

Here are the 4 hidden secrets to make money through article marketing:

1. Your articles must be publisher-friendly. By this, I simply mean that your copies must conform to the rules and regulations set by the publishers so you can dramatically increase their chances of being posted online. They must run at least 300 words, they must be informative, well-written, content-rich, and relevant to the needs and demands of your potential clients. They must also be free from self-serving links, blatant ads, and inappropriate content on the article body. In addition, they must contain keyword list, article summary, and a resource box that contains your website’s URL so you can easily drive your readers to your site.

2. Consider the search engines. Aside from the publishing sites, you must also consider the search engines when writing your articles. This is to make your copies highly searchable online and make it a lot easier for you to connect with your potential clients. Identify the keywords or search terms that are popular within your chosen niche and strive to incorporate them on your content. By doing so, your articles will show up every time a related search is made by online users.

3. Write from the readers’ perspective. One of your main goals in publishing your articles online is to impress your readers. You need to keep these people satisfied with your content so you can easily lure them to click on your resource box. Load your articles with information they will find relevant in their lives and make your content easy to understand by using simple terms as much as possible.

4. Keep your articles short. If you know your audience by heart, you must be probably aware that these people have very short attention span. They can be demanding and they would prefer to get the information they need in an instant. So, avoid offering them with lengthy articles. Instead, offer them the information they need in 500 words or less and make your content highly scannable by using sub headings and numbered list whenever appropriate.

Source by Sean Mize