Fast Million Software is a brand new binary options trading platform, one that is sure to disappoint in every single way imaginable. When it comes to this boisterous and apparently awesome trading app, we just aren’t too sure about anything. Nikolay Potanin is the supposed creator and owner of this thieving scheme, but we are not even sure about that. The Fast Million App makes a lot of bold claims that simply cannot be true. We did a whole lot of investigating and all of the evidence we found points in one direction, the direction of a scam.

All of the promises made by the crooks running the show are either unrealistic and unachievable, or just are not true in the least. This is the Fast Million and we are here to warn you about the very real danger posed to you by this BO trading software. Make no mistake about it. This BO trading system may seem like the real deal upon first glance, but trust us when we say that it is anything but that. Unreliability, illegitimacy, danger, and zero profitability are just some of the things that come to mind when we thing about Fast Million scam software.

Fast Million Scam App – News Stories?

One of the things about Fast Million software that strikes us as very odd right from the get go is the plethora of awards and mentions from various random news networks. When you go on the site, you will see that the clowns behind this software claim that prestigious news outlets such as RT, CNN, BBC, and Forbes have all said very positive things about this software. However, we could of course not take this at face value and had to go do some digging around.

The real truth that we found is very far from these claims to fame. We did some extensive searching on all of the respective websites from RT, CNN, BBC, and Forbes. Guess what, none of these trusted news outlets has ever said a single positive thing about Fast Million software.

Even more telling is that none of them have ever mentioned this program to begin with. These news outlets focus on big time news stories, not some small trading app, especially not an obvious rip off. This is just a cheap trick made to make you think that Fast Million scam software actually has some credibility. The reality is that none of those news outlets could care any less about this pike of junk.

Fast Million App – More Lies & Tricks

It is always a telltale sign of a scam when little counters and tickers are involved. What we mean are those counters that tell you that only so many spots are available or that only so much time is left where you can join for free. Well, this is exactly what is present on the Fast Million website. On the website, there is a little counter which tells us that there are only 15,000 spots available, of which the vast majority have already been filled up.

Now, this might be believable if it was not for one glaring reality. This reality is that every time you refresh the website, the counter goes back to its original number, meaning that it has no meaning and does not do anything at all. This is just a cheap pressure tactic meant to try and make you sign up for Fast Million software before you really get to think about what you are doing. They just want you to sign up right now and hand over all of your money!

Fast Million Trading Software – Education?

We are informed that this software is not only a trading app, but also an educational tool meant to train you in the art of binary options trading. Well, this is nothing more than a crock and a useless feature that holds absolutely no merit at all. We checked out this so called educational function of Fast Million software and it is totally bogus. This section does nothing more than tell us some binary options basics.

Past what binary options are, there is really no info with any value given to us. Seriously, learning about Forex or BO from these guys is like learning biology or genetics from an orangutan. In fact, the orangutan would probably make a far better teacher than these guys ever would. This is all a huge joke. It is totally useless and a complete waste of time. You are better off going to Google or YouTube!

The Fast Million App Scammer – Nikolay Potanin

Yet another red flag that we came across has to do with the alleged owner of the Fast Million app, Nikolay Potanin. This guy clearly does not have a clue what he is talking about. He is a total fraud and phony without the faintest idea of how binary options trading works. The reason we say this is because we watched him and listened to him during the video and he was obviously reading a script. This is all beside the point that he is undoubtedly a paid actor.

We did a bunch of researching and when it comes to Nikolay Potanin, we could not find a comprehensive search result. Well, we could find results linked to this Nikolay Potanin scam, but that is about it.

Other than that, we could not find any valuable information on him. There are no news pieces, no biographical pieces, no social media accounts, and not even a self-written Wikipedia page. This man does not really exist in real life and only serves as a scapegoat for the real criminals behind this scam. They just put some actor in the video so they could remain hidden in the shadows. Anonymity tends to be a bonus when you are doing something illegal, which is exactly what is going on with Fast Million Scam Software.

Fast Million App & Unregulated Brokers

Another big indication that Fast Million software is a total scam is in relation to the brokers which they employ to handle our money. We did a fair amount of digging around and the results were definitely much less than promising. The long story made short is that none of the brokers used by this epic trash heap of a scam are regulated or licensed.

This means that they are not legally allowed to handle your money or give financial advice, nor are they monitored by any trusted agency. These crooks are located on some kind of offshore platform that makes it impossible to take any legal action against them.

Trust us when we say that you will never be able to withdraw any money from your trading account, even if it does say that there is a profit. Chances are huge that no matter what the amount of money in your account is displayed to you, it has already been drained and cleared out a long time ago. This is a scam and it is hell bent on stealing your money. The way that Fast Million software does this is by utilizing these scam brokers that they are in cahoots with.


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According to SimilarWeb, almost 40% of their traffic is referral traffic and another 40% is from display ads. The rest of their traffic is direct, search, social (YouTube and Facebook mainly) and mail.

Fast Million Scam Review – The Verdict

It might be kind of pointless and repetitive to say this, but we really do feel like we have to. Fast Million software is a total rip off, a scam, a giant thieving scheme with the express intent of stealing your money. There is absolutely nothing profitable, reliable, or legitimate about this dangerous and malicious software. It uses pressure tactics to trick you, fake news mentions to gain your trust, and then when you sign up, the scam brokers do a fantastic job at emptying your account of all deposited funds. Just do yourself a favor and stay as far away from this nonsensical BO trading program as humanly possible.

Review Verdict: Fast Million is a SCAM! 

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