I want you to say the following and think about what it means to you: fast money making ideas – millionaires do grow on trees. Think about it for a second and try to define that sentence. What does it mean? Now that you have taken a moment to do so, I am going to teach you how the millionaire mind-set works.

Any successful entrepreneur will see every adversity as a seed of equal or greater opportunity. This requires positive and creative thinking. And they will see things a little differently than the rest of the world. For example, in the title an entrepreneur might define it to be:

Fast moneymaking ideas OR fast money making ideas

Can you tell the difference? The first is the concept of having some ideas that will generate money. The second is the concept of creating these money-making ideas. They both sound almost exactly the same but let me explain.

The first would be a business where you for example, discover some strategies to make some money – perhaps through a seminar, book or from a friend. You then go on to apply these strategies with the hopes of making money and with the positive mind-set that millionaires do grow on trees and that you too can be yet another success story.

The second concept is one that only a millionaire mind-set would contemplate after reading such a title. It would be the business of earning an income MAKING ideas (and selling them) with the belief that millionsaires do grow on trees and so there are many people to sell to; those with money and those trying to make money. So when you are on the lookout for earning cash quick, be sure to see both sides of every idea, concept or strategy in order to truly maximize your potential in business.

Source by Terry Hart